Scholars Program

Since its founding, the Midlo Center has served as an academic home to scholars from all over the United States and dozens of foreign countries who are researching New Orleans and related subjects. The Center promotes the creation of a community of those scholars to enhance research and scholarship on the region. In 1999, this collaboration with scholars evolved into two programs for researcher: the Visiting Scholars program and the Midlo Associates Program.

Midlo Center Visiting Scholars Program

This program offers an academic home for scholars from around the world who come to work in the city. Its French and Spanish, rather than English, colonial experience and archives, complex ethnic and racial composition, and multiple colonial, American, Confederate governments often creates difficulties for those unfamiliar with its divergent career. The Midlo Center offers research direction and practical support (computer usage, library cards, parking) as well as introduction to local collections and scholars who may be of more specific help, thus saving valuable research time, leading to more rigorous research on the city.

Midlo Center Associates Program

The Associates program allows and encourages local scholars to associate themselves with the Midlo Center, giving them access to material at the University and introducing them to a community of researchers that may help them in their work. The advantage of the Associates is that their work comes to the attention of the University and can be used for our own research and teaching and at the same time, helps their work by giving them access to institutional information. 


To apply for the Visiting Scholars program or
the Midlo Center Associates' program, contact Connie Atkinson, Ph.D.

Phone: 504-280-7137
Fax: 504-280-6883

Scholars Program