How to Apply to Graduate Program in History

Step 1: Deadline for Application

March 1 is the deadline for application to the history graduate program for admission in the following fall semester. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Missed the Deadline?
Students who miss the annual application deadline may apply to be "non-degree seeking students" and enroll in a limited number of history classes until the next application cycle begins. To register as a "non-degree seeking student," apply to the Graduate School by completing the Graduate School Online Application. Students must then contact the History Graduate Coordinator for permission to enroll in a limited number of graduate classes each semester. Up to 12 hours of approved coursework (normally four classes) completed as a "non-degree seeking student" may be applied towards the master's degree, should the student eventually be admitted to the MA graduate program. "Non-degree seeking" students should check with the Financial Aid Office to see what forms of aid may be available to them.

Step 2: Prepare Application Materials

  • Statement of Purpose
    A statement of 2-3 pages, double-spaced, outlining your intellectual interests and explaining your professional reasons for applying to the master’s program in history at UNO. This statement should include your principal field(s) of interest, relevant background, and goals beyond the M.A.
  • Writing Sample
    A brief writing sample of no more than fifteen pages. An academic paper is preferred, but the committee will also accept samples of professional writing.
  • Transcripts
    Official transcripts from all undergraduate and previous graduate institutions attended and official GRE scores if available.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    Request two (2) letters of recommendation from past professors or others with whom you have studied or worked closely. Enter your recommendation providers’ contact information in your online graduate school application. They will then be contacted to submit their letters of recommendation electronically.
  • Resume (optional)
    Please submit only if you have significant professional experience beyond the B.A. that you wish us to consider.

Step 3: Apply to the UNO Graduate School

Complete the Graduate School Online Application

Want to transfer to history from inside UNO?

Current UNO graduate students from other disciplines seeking to transfer to the History MA program do not need to begin a new application to the Graduate School, but should instead file a "Program/Plan Change" form with the Graduate School and submit all of the other departmental materials, including the Personal Information Sheet for history applicants, to the History Graduate Coordinator. Dual-degree seeking students should contact the Graduate School and History Graduate Coordinator. The appropriate forms for both transfer and dual degree students can be found within the form section of the Graduate School.