Andrea Mosterman, Ph.D.

Andrea Mosterman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Office: 111 Liberal Arts Building
Phone: 504-280-7195


Educational Background: 
Ph.D., Boston University, 2011

Research Interests: 
Atlantic History, African Diaspora, Early America, Pre-Colonial Africa, Slavery and Slave Trade

Andrea Mosterman completed her Ph.D. at Boston University, specializing in Atlantic and Early American History. She is currently working on a manuscript that examines exchanges and interactions between African and Dutch descendants in Early New York. Her broader research explores the multi-faceted dimensions of slavery, the slave trade, and cross-cultural contact in the Early Modern Dutch Atlantic. She is a recipient of various scholarships and grants, such as a Gilder Lehrman Fellowship, the Quinn Research Residency, and the Michael Kraus grant from the American Historical Association. She has published in, among others, The Journal of African History.

Courses Taught

  • Intro to African American History - HIST 1010
  • US History to 1860 - HIST 2501
  • Women in American History - HIST 2587
  • Colonial Period of American History - HIST 4501
  • Atlantic History - HIST 4991