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What can you do as a history student at UNO?

Many students love history but wonder what practical application the discipline can offer. Our students have discovered an exciting array of opportunities and careers allowing them to work with history every day.

Department of History

Both bachelor and master of arts degrees in History are available. The undergraduate curriculum affords flexibility in elective courses to structure an education that meets students' interests. Advisors assist majors in choosing courses and electives that prepare them for a variety of postgraduate programs.

About our Programs

History has been an integral part of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum at the University of New Orleans since the University was founded. Through the years, the faculty has led the university in teaching awards, published a vast number of books and academic articles and been awarded distinguished scholarships and fellowships from foundations such as Fulbright, Danforth, Ford, Gould, Guggenheim, National Endowment of the Humanities, and National Defense Foundation. The many publications of military historian Stephen E. Ambrose earned him the first Boyd Professorship. Professor Ambrose founded the D-Day Museum, now the WWII museum, and Professor Nick Mueller serves as its CEO and president today.

More recently, our professors are graduates of some of the nation's leading universities, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Michigan, and UC Berkeley. In addition to their publishing and achievements in their individual concentrations, faculty members are active in the university community, serving as president of faculty senate and in a wealth of university departments and initiatives. In addition, the history faculty serves the community of New Orleans on boards, commissions, and organizations that benefit New Orleans.

New Orleanians value their city and its history and our alumni continue to support the work of the department and its faculty. For instance, the department benefits greatly from the generosity of the late UNO alumni Carl Muckley, Jr., who left a generous endowment to the department for undergraduate scholarship. These kinds of support enhance the offerings of the department and create new opportunities for students.