Undergraduate Programs

B.A. in Romance Languages

Foreign Languages majors may fulfill part of their requirements in a university international program such as "Glories of France" (Montpellier) or the UNO Summer School in Costa Rica (San Ramón). Some internships are available and may be used to earn academic credits by working in the community and using the language of choice, e.g., with the Consulate of France, The Franco-American Chamber of Commerce, the Red-Cross.

The Department runs a state-of-the-art Foreign Language Lab and offers routinely courses on-line. Three of the faculty members in Spanish have authored the first digital interactive textbook created in the USA for basic language acquisition in Spanish.

Our graduates work in careers in teaching, public relations, advertising, tourism, translation (including for the State Department). The best of them continue their studies for our graduate degree of Master of Arts in Romance Languages.

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages

  1. The students shall demonstrate high quality training in the French or Spanish language.
  2. The students shall demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of French or Spanish literature and the ability to communicate it, orally and in writing, in both English and French or Spanish.
  3. The students shall demonstrate an awareness of the culture of France and the francophone world or Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish speaking regions, and the ability to communicate this awareness in English and in French or Spanish.


A hand writing, "Hello! Bonjour!"French
The Department of Foreign Languages offers a B.A. in Romance Languages with a French concentration.

Concentration of French

A hand writing,  "Se habla espanol"Spanish
The Department of Foreign Languages offers a B.A. in Romance Languages with a Spanish concentration.

Concentration of Spanish


The Department also offers minors in French or Spanish.

Minor requirements