Eliza Ghil, Ph.D.

Eliza Ghil, Ph.d.Professor 


Office: 231 Liberal Arts Building
Phone: 504-280-6931
Email: eghil@uno.edu


Education Background

  • Ph.D. in French and Romance Philology, Columbia University, May 1978.
  • B. A. "With Distinction" in French and English, University of Haifa, Israel,
  • February 1971
  • State Diploma "De Merit" in Romanian Language and Literature, University of Bucharest, Romania, July 1966

Personal Statement

I attempt to combine in my teaching and research the expertise in the forms of literature and culture of the distant past (e.g., the medieval France and Occitania), with the newest methods of inquiry available to a twenty-first century scholar. Seeing the most recent cultural phenomena with the eyes of the past, and the most distant ones with the eyes of today represents for me an exciting, ongoing challenge.

Professional Experience


  • Professor of French(rank since August 1991), University of New Orleans, 1984-present
  • Assistant Professor in Romance Languages, Dartmouth College, 1978-1984
  • Preceptor and Associate of French, Columbia University, 1972-1975


  • Chair, Department of Foreign Languages, University of New Orleans, 8/97 - present
  • Graduate Coordinator for French, Department of Foreign Languages, UNO, 8/94 - 8/97
  • Graduate Coordinator for Romance Languages, Department of Foreign Languages, 1992 - 1993
  • Chair of Foreign Languages, Department of Foreign Languages, UNO 8/88 - 12/90.


  • Institute of Literary History of the Romanian Academy, "George Calinescu", Bucharest, 1966-1967.

Officer/Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Member of Executive Committee, Study Group on Catalan and Provençal of the MLA, 1991-1995
  • Member of Executive Committee, Study Group on Romanian of the MLA, 1986-1990
  • Southcentral MLA (SCMLA)
  • Internation Courtly Literature Society (ICLS)
  • Medieval Academy of America, America Association of Teachers of French (AATF)
  • "Société Guilhem IX" Association Internationale d'Etudes Occitanes

Areas of Expertise

  • Medieval French and Occitan literature
  • Theory of literature
  • Contemporary French civilization
  • Romanian language and literature


Books and Book Chapters

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Lectures Given during Conferences and Visits to Universities

  • “Welcome Address,” at the Annual Conference of the Louisiana Consortium for Spanish Schools, January 27, 2012, in New Orleans  (event co-sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages of UNO).
  • “Welcome Address,” at the Annual Convention of the Louisiana Association for Bilingual Education , December 2, 2011, in New Orleans (event co-sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages of UNO).
  • “Distance Learning: A Strategy for Survival,” at the SCMLA (South-Central Modern Languages Association) Annual Convention 2009, Baton Rouge, LA, 10/31/09.
  • ""Coven," "Costuma" and "Dreit" in the Code of Courtly Love," the 44-th International Congress of Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 5/7/09.
  • "Poets and Rulers in the Anonymous "Song of the Albigensian Crusdae" (1228)," the 43-rd International Congress of Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 5/8/08.
  • "Women as Patrons of the Arts in Medieval France", Loyola University, New Orleans, 6/18/01.
  • "Eleanor of Aquitaine Protector of the Troubadours", Loyola University, New Orleans, 4/2/01.
  • "Love's Law: From Erotic Casuist to Moral Arbiter in the Love Lyrics of the Troubadours." The XIXth Annual Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Cincinnati, 5/6/99.
  • "The Status of Comparative Literature in American Universities Today," University of Bucharest (Romania), 5/28/97.
  • "The Political Overtones of Courtliness in Thirteenth-Century Troubadour Poetry," SCMLA Meeting 1994, 11/10/94, New Orleans.
  • "Romancing the Middle Ages: Love and History in Some Popular Narratives of the 1990's," The Seventh Annual Conference on Medievalism (session on "American Medievalism"), University of Tampa, Florida, 10/1/92.
  • " Contrafactura and Political Polemics in the Thirteenth-Century Troubadour Lyric: The Case of Na Gormonda de Montpellier," SCMLA Annual Convention, San Antonio, 10/26/92.
  • "Les Mediévistes sur la liste des "best-sellers" en France aujourd'hui," University of Bucharest (Romania), 6/5/92.
  • "The Revenge of the Referent: On Some Recent Polemics in American Literary Theory," University of Bucharest (Romania), 6/2/92.
  • "Toulouse et ses poètes au Moyen Age," Université de Toulouse "Le Mirail" - Dartmouth College, 11/15/91.
  • "The American System of Higher Learning from a European Prospective: An Inside View," University of Bucharest (Romania), 2/27/90.

Referee for Scholarly Publications and Presses

  • Romance Philology
  • MLA Publications
  • University of Florida Press