Theatre Arts

Theatre arts program is designed to give students experience in theatrical production.This course of study includes courses in acting, technical production, script analysis, play-writing, and the study of modern and contemporary theatrical production.

The purpose of theatre arts is to develop a meaningful voice to our artistry and to share that talent in the community and educational arenas. We combine theory and practice for a solid foundation in this highly demanding discipline.

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Film and Theatre - Theatre Arts

  1. Theatre Arts option students will have a basic skill level in technical areas of theatre.
  2. Theatre Arts students will have a basic understanding of Visual Design.
  3. Theatre Arts option students will have a basic understanding of theatre literature.
  4. Theatre Arts option students will have a basic understanding of theatre performance.

Degree Requirements

The degree requirements for theatre arts is an overview of courses required to complete the program.

Degree Requirements

Learning Environment

We are the only university in the country to have won two American College Theatre Festival National Play-writing Awards AND two National Irene Ryan Acting Awards. Our Theatre Arts program is so rewarding because it is so demanding. We are fully accredited by NAST (National Association of Schools of Theatre). We collaborate with the American Film Institute conducting workshops.


We have the Thrust Theatre with 225-seat capacity along with a 65-seat proscenium lab and outdoor arena housing public performances each semester. Our scene and costume shops and rehearsal rooms provide all we need to accommodate our busy production schedule.


Two main-stage and two lab productions per year, plus dark-night original script readings provide several opportunities to test your skills on our stages. From Shakespeare to original scripts, there is always a challenge waiting.