About the Graduate Program

The Department of Film and Theatre offers a Master of Fine Arts degree with four fields of study in Film Production, Theatre Performance and Directing, Theatre Design, or Creative Writing. The Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre. MFA programs in Theatre Arts reflect NAST's highest standards.

The Master of Fine Arts is a terminal degree for students interested in pursuing careers in film production, theatre arts, and in creative writing. That is, unlike the Master of Arts (MA), it is not considered merely a "stepping stone" to the PhD. Teaching at the university/college level in most cases requires a terminal degree.

Our graduate program in Performance (Acting or Directing) or Design (Scenic or Costume) requires 60 credit hours of study plus a thesis project which must be performed or exhibited publicly prior to graduation.

Our Goal

To develop a meaningful voice to our artistry and to share that talent in the community and educational arenas. We combine theory and practice for a solid foundation in this highly demanding discipline.

Learning Environment

The Film Program at the University of New Orleans is part of the  Department of Film and Theatre. You will become a part of an enthusiastic and energetic group of faculty and student filmmakers who will challenge you to achieve your creative potential. Though you may plan only to direct, edit, or produce in the future, you will be expected to achieve a basic understanding and competency in all aspects of filmmaking. Here students have the opportunity to explore the full range of the communication arts, from high-tech digital post-production to documentary and dramatic film production and live performance. We also share our building with the Department of Music and Jazz Studies, creating an intimate synergistic atmosphere within a broad spectrum of the performing arts.

We are the only university in the country to have won two American College Theatre Festival National Playwriting Awards AND two National Irene Ryan Acting Awards. Our Theatre Arts program is so rewarding because it is so demanding. We are fully accredited by NAST (National Association of Schools of Theatre).


We have one of the most technologically advanced film programs in the country, with a full line of professional production equipment, including custom grip truck, sound stage, Steadicam, and state-of-the-art digital post-production editing and audio suites.

We have available a 225-seat Thrust Theatre along with a 65-seat proscenium lab and outdoor arena housing public performances each semester. Our scene and costume shops and rehearsal rooms provide all we need to accommodate our busy production schedule.


Practical, hands-on experience in film production extends from numerous opportunities to produce and direct your own films and crew on other student films as well as the departmentally sponsored Spring Film, to participation in the UNO Filmmakers student film club. At our Nims Center Studios, with 30,000 sq.ft. of studio space and a hi-def post-production facility, students also have opportunities to work on professional "big-budget" films like Runaway Jury, Ray, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Two mainstage and two lab productions per year, plus dark-night original script readings provide several opportunities to test your skills on our stages. From Shakespeare to original scripts, there is always a challenge waiting.