AFI Workshops

AFI Workshop Contact

Danny Retz
Performing Arts Center (PAC) 324

Workshops on professional movie making are conducted by representatives from the American Film Institute (AFI ) 3 times a semester. These workshops are open to junior and senior FTA undergraduates, as well as FTA graduate students. CWW students are allowed to enroll in the Screenwriting workshop only. Each workshop is held on a Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-5PM for both fall and spring semesters. Attendance is mandatory.

Graduate Sections of the AFI Workshops are listed as FTA 5090-5092 Special Topics in Film and Theatre.

Undergraduate Sections of the AFI Workshops are listed as FTA 4090-4092 Special Topics in Film and Theatre. 


Two weeks before course registration begins, notices are posted in the FTA Department announcing the workshops being offered that semester. One week before course registration, students may email the teacher of record, Danny Retz (, and ask for permission to register for a workshop.

The request must include:

  • student's UNO ID number
  • student's UNO email address
  • a working phone number for the student 
  • name(s) of the workshop for which student wishes to register

Once permission is given, a student has a deadline by which to register for the workshops. If not registered by the deadline, the permission to register is withdrawn. A student who misses the deadline to register may reapply for permission to register. If openings are available, permission may be reinstated.

Please Note:

Dates for the Fall 2017 Workshops have been confirmed.

Topics for Fall 2017 Workshops

  • FTA 4090/5090 (1 Screenwriting Date: Oct. 21-22
  • FTA 4092/5092 (1 Directing, Date: Nov. 11-12
  • Note: A maximum total number of 6 hours may be earned from
    the entire Special Topics group, 4090-92, 4093-95,
    and 5090-5092, 5093-5095.


AFI Fall 2017 Workshops