Students may choose to apply their electives to an optional concentration in one of the following subjects.

Creative Writing at UNOCreative Writing

One introductory workshop in a genre:
  • ENGL 2154 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • ENGL 2161 Introduction to Fiction Writing
  • ENGL 2163 Introduction to Poetry Writing
Two advanced workshops in the same genre as the introductory workshop:
  • ENGL 4154 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing (may be repeated once)
  • ENGL 4161 Advanced Fiction Writing (may be repeated once)
  • ENGL 4163 Advanced Poetry Writing (may be repeated once)
One literature course in the same genre (4715, 4815, 4913, 4914, 4915, 4917, 4918, or 4391 [if a genre course])

Professional Writing at UNOProfessional Writing

ENGL 2155: Introduction to Professional Writing
Three of the following:
  • ENGL 4151 Modern Composition: Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 4152 Technical Editing and Reporting
  • ENGL 4155 Professional Editing
  • ENGL 4158 Legal Writing
  • ENGL 4391 Special Topics in Language and Literature (if appropriate)
  • JOUR 4700 Advanced Journalism

Journalism at UNOJournalism

JOUR 2700: Introduction to Journalism
JOUR 4700: Advanced Journalism
Two of the following:
  • JOUR 4710 Feature Writing
  • JOUR 4791 Special Topics in Journalism
  • JOUR 4398 Internship in English (if appropriate)
  • JOUR 4792 Independent Study
  • ENGL 4155 Professional Editing OR 4152 Technical Editing and Reporting

New Orleans LiteratureNew Orleans Regional Literatures

ENGL 4043 New Orleans Literature
ENGL 4045 Southern Literature
Two of the following (if the focus is on New Orleans or associated regions):
  • ENGL 4091 American Movements and Genres 1500-1860 (may be repeated once)
  • ENGL 4092 American Movements and Genres 1860-present (may be repeated once)
  • ENGL 4093 Studies in Black Literature (may be repeated once)
  • ENGL 4376 Lesbian and Gay Studies in Literature
  • ENGL 4378 Advanced Studies in Women and Literature
  • ENGL 4391 Special Topics in Language and Literature (may be repeated once)