Ken Rayes

Instructor and
Director of the Greater New Orleans Writing Project

Ken Rayes


Office: LA 181
Phone: 504-280-7323


Education: BA, MA, University of New Orleans

Mr. Rayes is a New Orleans native and a graduate of The University of New Orleans.  His areas of specialization are Composition, Film as Literature, Technical Writing, Science Fiction Literature, American Literature, Latino Literature, and the Graphic Novel.

As a teacher of Technical Writing, Mr. Rayes draws on his over 20 years of experience in the local Consulting Engineering Industry to provide a practical framework for writing in the workplace.  As a teacher of film as literary texts, Mr. Rayes has written and presented on the Director Julian Schnabel and the functions of music and scoring in film.  Mr. Rayes has also worked in the local radio industry and written for local publications such as Tribe magazine and national publications such as The Village Voice.

Mr. Rayes is interested in the use of popular culture in his composition courses, beginning with his 2001 Master’s thesis Theorizing Invention as a Social Act: the Role of Popular Culture Texts in Composition Pedagogy.  He has presented on Composition issues at CCCC, LACC and the CEA, and on Popular Culture at The American Popular Culture Conference and the Popular Culture Conference, among others.

The Greater New Orleans Writing Project

Mr. Rayes currently serves as the Director of The Greater New Orleans Writing Project (GNOWP), the local site of the National Writing Project. Since 1978, The Greater New Orleans Writing Project has been dedicated to teacher development in the effective teaching of writing and incorporation of writing in the classroom. We are a group of teachers committed to finding and fostering best practices in the teaching of writing, and offer workshops and graduate-level seminars in the teaching of writing from K - 12 through College. Visit the GNOWP website and Facebook page for more information.


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