Disaster Resilience Studies

Minor in Disaster Resilience Studies

The Minor in Disaster Resilience Studies draws its required and optional courses from disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts, Education and Human Development, College of Sciences, and College of Business. This interdisciplinary Minor capitalizes on the unique expertise resident in UNO's faculty to provide students with an understanding of how hazards affect communities, government and non-profit agencies, businesses and social systems.

The requirements of the minor are as follows:

  1. Completion of the requirements of a degree in one of the colleges at UNO.
  2. Completion of four core courses: URBN 4150, SOC 4871, GEOG 4805, and HIST 2050.
  3. Completion of three courses from an approved list * (in addition to the core courses).
  4. A 2.0 grade-point average in all courses used to fulfill this Minor.

*Approved courses for this minor: SOC 4098 (when hazard-related topic); ANTH 4721; GEOG 4150, GEOG 4523; URBN 3140, URBN 4165, URBN 4810; MURP 4140, MURP 4145, MURP 4160; PADM 4800 (when hazard-related topic), PADM 4810, PADM 4170; FIN 4311; MANG 4473.

To meet the prerequisite requirements for some of the approved courses, students may need to complete more than the minimum 21 hours required for this Minor.