Undergraduate Courses

In the 2013-14 Academic Year, building on 30 years of experience in arts management training the program is excited to launch its first undergraduate courses in arts administration. Initial courses offer overviews into the business of theatre and the business of music, and are offered in intensive eight week sessions fully online.

The courses are offered by UNO as undergraduate electives and as part of UNO’s role in offering the Cultural Arts Institutions concentration in Louisiana’s state-wide Bachelors in Organizational Leadership (ORGL) program. 

These courses are ideal for students interested in learning about the business side of arts and entertainment, and the many possibilities for careers in this exciting field locally and nationally.

Note that both courses are not offered every semester so check the UNO course schedule on Webstar or contact the Arts Administration office  to confirm when each course will be offered.

Admission to UNO is required in order to take these courses.

Basic Overview of Theatre for Arts Administrators (AADM 3300)

Instructor: Tony Micocci

Course Objectives:
To understand and explore where live theatrical productions come from, how they get produced, both commercially and under nonprofit, and their life cycles; roles involved in the process; the structure of nonprofit regional theater companies; performing venue configurations, and their owners, managers and programmers; the role and relationships involved in touring; a brief financial overview; and comparisons with similar procedures in other artistic genres beyond theater such as opera, dance and music.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn about the sources of shows, acquisition of rights, and the process by which shows are produced
  • Students will learn the difference between profit and not-for-profit producing structures, and the current and historical relationship between the two
  • Students will learn the role of money in the process and how a show makes or loses money
  • Students will learn about the various forces at work and role of participants in producing, presenting and touring
  • Students will be introduced to different configurations, sizes, ownership, management structures and program procedures of theatrical venues

Basic Overview of the Music Business (AADM 3302)

Instructor: Harmon Greenblatt

Course Objectives:

  • To study the business of music and explore the many roles that managers play in the industry.
  • To study the new technologies and their impact on the music business
  • To examine the financial aspects of the music business.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the difference between the profit and not-for-profit aspects of the music business.
  • To understand the different jobs and responsibilities in the live and recorded music industries.
  • To understand the conditions of copyright and how performers and composers are paid.
  • To understand the importance of radio to the music business.
  • To learn the various departments of a record label
  • To understand how the record industry makes a profit, or doesn't.
  • To learn the increasing importance that technology plays in the record business.