Arts Administration M.A.

Program Office

344 PAC Building
Phone: 504-280-7134

Your Place in the Field

The Master’s in Arts Administration at UNO prepares students to pursue their passions through successful careers in the arts and entertainment field. The program balances the performing and visual arts, the nonprofit and commercial arts sectors, and prepares students for employment at established institutions or to start their own enterprises.

For those entering the program not sure precisely where in the arts management field they want to work, the curriculum is designed to support quests for the ‘points of passion’ and aptitude fits that underpin successful careers. For those entering the program knowing exactly where they want to work in the field, the program offers the necessary skills and training to achieve goals.

The program’s emphasis on networking in the field and its established relationships throughout the regional and international cultural community provide a welcoming, nurturing and enjoyable learning experience.

Program Focus

The Program examines many crucial elements of the business that underlies artistic creation and public delivery, including:

  • Public arts policy and advocacy
  • The generation and management of public cultural activity such as exhibits, performances, arts education, and community programs
  • The commercial and non-profit sides of the business of culture, including organizational structures and staff roles
  • The critical stakeholders in the business of culture, their relationships to one another, and their roles in the process, including artists, managers, agents, producers, presenters, boards of directors, donors, and audiences
  • The relationship of money to culture, including production budgeting, earned revenue generation, and fundraising;
  • Marketing the arts
  • Legal issues such as copyrights, licensing, and contracts

Museum Studies Opportunity at SUNO

In collaboration with Southern University of New Orleans (to the east of our campus along the lakefront), beginning in the fall, AADM students can enroll in courses offered by SUNO's Graduate Museum Studies Program.  Courses include Exhibition Design, Intro to Museology and Museum Writing and Research. Students will receive graduate elective credit for these courses.