Degree Requirements

Arts Administration M.A.

Course Search

Course Search

The list of courses provided is a sample of what courses may be offered. Not all courses will be offered every semester. Please use the above link for an up-to-date list of courses.

Core Arts Administration Courses (9 hours) - Required
AADM 6501 Development for Arts Organizations
AADM 6502 Arts Administration: Legal and Business Applications
AADM 6503 Marketing the Arts
Arts Administration Courses (21 hours) - Required  
AADM 5223 Financial Administration and Development for Nonprofit Organizations
AADM 6504 An Overview to the Field of Theatre Arts
AADM 6505 Visual Art for Arts Administrators
AADM 6506 A Music Overview for Arts Administrators
AADM 6601 Writing & Presentation for Arts Administrators
AADM 6603 Art, Artists and Administrators
AADM 6605 Seminar in Arts Administration
Arts Administration Elective Options (6 hours) - Required**
AADM 6246 Arts Technology Overview
AADM 6609 Arts and Community
AADM 6607 Public Arts Policy

**Students must take 2 electives. They may be a combination of any of the classes listed above, practicum(s)**, SUNO Classes in Museum Studies, or other approved graduate level classes

Internship (6 hours)-Required
AADM 6990 Internship

Student Course Load

  • Complete 36 hours of courses, maintaining a 3.0 GPA
    • Students must take 2 electives. They may take AADM elective classes, complete practicum(s)**, or take approved graduate level classes at UNO or in SUNO’s Museum Studies Master’s program.
    • During the course of study, a student must take and pass Comprehensive Exams which cover material from the Core Arts Administration classes (Arts Marketing, Arts Law and Development). Comprehensive Exams must be passed before you will be allowed to register for AADM 6990: Internship.
  • AADM 6990: Internship is a six credit course. a required 480 hour internship within New Orleans or elsewhere in the country or internationally. Established internship relations exist with leading area visual and performing arts institutions and new opportunities are continually developed. Culminates in an internship report and report defense.