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Certified Performing Arts Executive
(CPAE) Program

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The new CPAE Program is offered as a professional overview course focused on the management aspects of performing arts tour booking and presenting. It is offered by the University of New Orleans Program in Arts Administration in association with Arts Northwest and the National Association of Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA).

  • Online classes for access worldwide.
  • Accommodation of simultaneous full time employment in the class schedule (all online classes take place in the evenings, U.S. Central Standard Time and are available for online viewing by students at a later time or date).

Who should enroll?

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Candidates include practitioners in or new entrants to the presenting and performing arts touring industry and aspiring and working performing arts presenters, agents, managers, and volunteers interested in moving to professional careers in arts management. Artists with a basis in management may also qualify for and benefit from the Program.

Why should you enroll?

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The program will increase your capacity to advance in the field through the CPAE Program without the time and expense of a more extended and time-intensive degree. Advantages include the following:

  • Fill gaps in your knowledge;
  • Update on the latest industry trends;
  • Improve your employability and qualifications for advancement;
  • Attend evening classes that do not conflict with your work;
  • Take online classes from anywhere in the world.

Enrollment policies

Enrollment is permissible on a class-by-class basis or for the full course. One may enroll at any time during the year and will have up to 2 years to complete all 8 sessions. A Certificate is awarded upon completion of all 8 classes. If classes are missed, most are available for recorded viewing online after the class date.

Career benefits

Professional certification indicates that a person has taken specific courses and passed a competency exam to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and expertise.

Completion of the CPAE certificate program:

  • Enhances professional stature among peers.
  • Recognizes those who have gone beyond expectations to be the best that they can be.
  • Makes a statement to those with whom business is being conducted.
  • Provides a leveraged position from which to negotiate and build career success.
  • Hones skills and updates latest best practices.
  • Raises professional standards for the overall industry.

Convenient classes

A program designed for working professionals needs to be convenient. This non-resident program will include online courses and courses offered in person at regional and national professional conferences during the year.  (All classes are offered in the evenings U.S. Central Time.)

Students enrolled in CPAE courses should have:
- Mozilla Firefox as your web browser. If you don't have Mozilla, you may download it here:
- hard wire internet connection. A WiFi connection will crash. 
- a good quality headset with a microphone and a camera. Logitech and Microsoft are good brands. These must be plugged into USB ports.

About the program

The certification of agents and managers is a program consisting of 24 credits to be completed within a one- to two-year period. The Program’s goal is to provide professional certification for performing arts agents and managers.

You will learn:

  • Planning for Success
  • Business Organization Models
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Fees, Commissions, and Negotiating Skills
  • Client and Venue Relationships
  • Negotiation Basics
  • Ethics and Liability
  • Building a Roster
  • Dealing with Artists
  • Technical Riders
  • Marketing, Promotion, and Media Arts
  • Law, Copyright, and Royalties

What the Program is Not

The Certificate is not a replacement for the benefits of a full Master’s in Arts Administration. Successful graduates of the CPAE Program will receive favorable consideration for future admission to the UNO Master’s of Arts Administration degree program should you at any time elect to continue your studies.