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Full Time Faculty

David BerissDavid I. Beriss, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
New York University, 1992

334 MH

Sociocultural Anthropology, ethnicity, multiculturalism, urban and applied anthropology, foodways, Western Europe, Caribbean, New Orleans.

Rachel BreunlinRachel Breunlin, MSUS
Co-Director of the Neighborhood
Story Project
University of New Orleans, 2004

336 MH

Cultural anthropology, urban and applied anthropology, African Diaspora, New Orleans.

The Neighborhood Story Project Website

Ana CroegartAna Croegaert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University, 2007

330 MH

Sociocultural Anthropology, Urban Studies, gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, migration, visual cultures, political economy, United States and Southeast Europe

No Image AvailableJeffrey David Ehrenreich, Ph.D.
New School for Social Research, 1985

332 MH

Cultural anthropology, critical theory and history of ethnology, qualitative methods, comparative religion and shamanism, medical anthropology, visual anthropology, the body as social text, culture contact and colonialism; Amazonia and Mesoamerica.

Ryan GrayD. Ryan Gray, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Chicago, 2012

334 MH

Historical archaeology, urban studies, race and segregation, auto-construction and self-building, New Orleans and Southeastern U.S.


Part Time and Research Faculty

Juana L. C. Ibáñez, M.A.
University of Texas, 1986


Archaeology, origins of agriculture, cultural ecology, cultural resource management; Mediterranean, western North America.

Lauren Lastrapes, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor
University of New Orleans, 2012


Andrea P. White, M.A.
Greater New Orleans Regional
Director of the Greater New Orleans Regional Archaeology Program
College of William and Mary

272 LA

Historical archaeology, public archaeology, cultural resource management; southeastern United States.


Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Ann Kos Edwards, M.A.
City University of New York, 1979

328 MH

Social anthropology, ethnicity, complex societies. applied anthropology, eastern Europe, Gulf Coast United States.


Martha C. Ward, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Tulane University, 1969

Cultural and Social Anthropology, sociolinguistics, urban studies, qualitative methods, women's studies, health and fertility; Micronesia, contemporary southern United States.




Arianna King

Vigdís María Hermannsdóttir