Printable Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements | Anthropology (B.A.)

The information below reflects the degree requirements for the current academic year. To view degree requirements from the academic year you began the degree program, please see our list of printable degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

General Education Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
English    Humanities  
ENGL 1157 3  FORL 1001  3
ENGL 1158 or 11591 3  FORL 1002  3
Mathematics    ENGL Literature  3
MATH 1031, 1115, 1125 or higher 3  Social Sciences  
MATH 1032, 1116, 1126 or higher 3 Social Sciences9
Science   Arts  
BIOS2 3 Arts Elective3 3
BIOS or Physical Science3 6    
    Total 39
Other Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
FORL 2001/1001 3  Upper-level Non-major Electives4  6
FORL 1002 (3)5  Social Sciences Elective 2000+ level (Not Anthropology)6  6
Literature 3  General Electives 21 or 24
GEOG 1001, 1002 or HIST 1001, 10029 6    
    Total 48
Course Requirements for Major
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
ANTH 2052  3  ANTH 4801  3
ANTH 3201 or 3301  3  ANTH 49957  3
ANTH 4000+ (not 4990)  9  ANTH Area Studies  3
ANTH 4768, 4721, 4772. or 4775  3  ANTH Electives8  6
    Total 33
Total Credit Hours Required Credit Hours
  1. "C" or better required
  2. 6 hour sequence in one science. Select from BIOS, CHEM, EES, PHYS. 3 hours must be BIOS.
  3. Check General Education Courses to confirm what courses fulfill this requirement.
  4. Students can fulfill this requirement with courses from the subject areas listed as Liberal Arts Approved Electives, or by taking courses at the 3000+ level in social sciences or arts, thereby fulfilling two requirements at once. The application of a course to two requirements, however, does not reduce the total number of hours required for graduation.
  5. Must complete nine credit hours in one language or twelve credit hours in two languages. If the 12 hour option is chosen, the 21 hours of approved electives must include three hours of 2000+ humanities.
  6. Select from ECON, GEOG, POLI, PSYC or SOC. 3 hours must be 2000 level course. Check General Education Courses to confirm what courses fulfill this requirement.
  7. Course fulfills university oral competency requirement
  8. No more than three ANTH credit hours at the 1000 level may count toward the Major
  9. GEOG 1001 and 1002 also satisfy the Social Sciences General Education requirement. If this option is selected, 6 hours are added to the General Elective requirement.