Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Professor Kathleen Fitzgerald


Educational Background:
Ph.D., University of Missouri - Columbia

Research Interests:
social inequalities, race, racism, and white privilege

I am Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia (2003). I previously taught at the Loyola University New Orleans, Columbia College, and the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am the President of the Association for Humanist Sociology 2015, and in that role am currently planning our 2015 Annual Meetings, to be held Oct. 21-25 in Portland, OR.

My major areas of research and teaching center on the study of social inequalities, particularly race, racism, and white privilege. My most recent publication is a textbook with Westview Press entitled Recognizing Race and Ethnicity: Power, Privilege, and Inequality (2014). My first book, Beyond White Ethnicity: Developing a Sociological Understanding of Native American Identity Reclamation (2007), is published by Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield. I have published research articles in Humanity and Society, Sociological Focus, and The Sociological Quarterly, as well as numerous book reviews and encyclopedia articles. I am currently working on a Sociology of Sexualities textbook, co-authored with Kandice Grossman (Sage 2016). My current research interests include analyzing the struggles surrounding the teaching of race, racism, and privilege and understanding the social construction of race in an era of racial genomics. I also study inequalities along the lines of class, gender, and sexual orientation. My teaching and research interests also include political sociology, particularly social movements and social policy.