Francis O. Adeola, Ph.D.

ProfessorFrancis Adeola


Office: 187 Milneburg Hall
Phone: 504-280-5554


Educational Background:
Ph.D., Mississippi State

Research Interests:
Development, Environment, Research Methods

Dr. Adeola's research interests include local and cross-national environmental justice issues, environmental pollution studies, socioeconomic development, poverty, population issues, comparative cross-national studies, environmental health, human rights issues, rural development, agribusiness, biotechnology and food issues, natural resources, technological impact assessment, natural and technological disasters, and the mediating effects of social capital on disaster’s impacts, recovery, and resilience. Dr. Adeola is the author of two books: Hazardous Wastes, Industrial Disasters, and Environmental Health Risks: Local and Global Environmental Struggles and Industrial Disasters, Toxic Waste, and Community Impact and several book chapters. He is also the author of numerous articles which appear in a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals including American Behavioral Scientists, Armed Forces and Society, Journal of Community Development Society, Environment and Behavior, Human Ecology Review, International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters (IJMED), Rural Sociology, Society and Natural Resources, and Sociological Spectrum. He is currently working on the effects of social capital on disaster survivors and the effects of disasters on human health, psychological well-being, and the problems of toxic waste movement and releases in the United States and across the globe.

Dr. Adeola provides academic instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels for the following courses: introductory sociology, environment and society, social change, sociology of the environment, sociology of disasters, social research methods, sociology of development, social organization, and social futurology. He has taught social statistics, population and human ecology, and social problems on a regular basis as well. Dr. Adeola is an active member of numerous professional sociological associations.