Rouge PotField School in Urban Historical Archaeology

The UNO Department of Anthropology regularly offers a field school in urban historical archaeology based in the City of New Orleans. Dr. Ryan Gray, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology will lead excavations at an urban historic site in the city. Recent field school sites have included blocks within Storyville, New Orleans' notorious red light district, and the Temple of the Innocent Blood, the location of a spiritual church in the 1920s. The field practicum will introduce students to basic archaeological field methods, including excavation, screening, mapping, characterization of soils, and preliminary artifact analysis.

The field school is typically designed as a 6-credit course sequence, taking place over the entire summer approximately 6-week summer session. In some summers, a shorter 3-credit version taking place over 3 weeks in the summer mini-session may be offered.

See link below for information about this summer's field school:


In addition to the field school in the first mini-session, Dr. Gray will be offering a course in intensive archaeological laboratory analyses, with a focus on historic artifacts and interpretation, during the second summer mini-session. This course is listed in the course catalog as ANTH 3295: Laboratory Techniques for Field Archaeology. Students will work with the collections from the field school excavations.

Non-UNO Students

Students outside of UNO who would like to participate in the field school for academic credit will need to apply for admission to UNO as non-degree students.  Basic fees and tuition will apply, although at this time there are no additional fees for the field school.