Big Times in the Big Easy - Seminar Series

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Saturday, April 12, 2014 

Spirituality in Counseling

Presenter: Matthew Lyons, Ph.D.

Dr. Lyons brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Big Easy Seminar.  He has studied in the seminary and provided years of service within the community. Additionally, Dr. Lyons has taught and presented on the subject of spirituality in counseling.

This workshop is designed to promote knowledge and skills that help counselors effectively engage clients in the exploration of their spiritual and religious lives as they relate to psychological concerns. The content of the session will promote attendee's reflection and awareness of personal spiritual and religious values, facilitate greater understanding of the relationship between spirituality, religion, and human development, and highlight the diversity of spiritual and religious expressions.

The workshop will emphasize assessment of and strategies for incorporating spirituality into the counseling relationship. We will survey some of the commonalities among spiritual practice, highlight current research in the field, and explore pertinent ethical considerations.

The workshop is free to currently enrolled students in the Counselor Education program here at UNO.

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