Standard 6

6.4.a Governance/Operations of Unit Policies/Procedures/Practices
   6.4.a1 UNO Employee Handbook
   6.4.a2 UNO 2020 Strategic Plan
   6.4.a3 COEHD Strategic Plan

6.4.b Unit Governance Organizational Structure
   6.4.b1 UNO Organizational Chart
   6.4.b2 COEHD Organizational Chart

6.4.c Candidate Services Policies/Procedures/Practices
   6.4.c1 Academic Advising
   6.4.c2 University Success
   6.4.c3 UNO Counseling Services
   6.4.c4 Learning Resource Center
   6.4.c5 Office of Disability Services
   6.4.c6 UNO COEHD Young Adult and Children's Literature Resource Center

6.4.d Candidate Recruitment/Admission/Accessibility Policies/Procedures/Practices
   6.4.d1 Office of Admissions Recruiting Information
   6.4.d2 Review and Retention Committee

6.4.e Academic Calendars/Catalogs/Grading Policies
   6.4.e1 University Calendar
   6.4.e2 COEHD 2014-15 Academic Calendar
   6.4.e3 University Catalog
   6.4.e4 University Grading Policy

6.4.f Unit Budget
   6.4.f1 COEHD Budget
   6.4.f2 COEHD External Grants 2011-2015

6.4.g1 Comparable Unit Budgets with Clinical Components

6.4.h Faculty Workload Policies/Procedures/Practices
   6.4.h1 Department Workload Policies
   6.4.h2 Workload Reporting Form
   6.4.h3 Faculty Workload

6.4.i Candidate Access to Resources Policies/Procedures/Practices
   6.4.i1 Learning Resources and Services
   6.4.i2 University Resources
   6.4.i3 Candidate Access to Distance Learning

6.4.j Distance Learning Access/Support Policies/Procedures/Practices
   6.4.j1 Distance Education Policies and Standards
   6.4.j2 Distance Learning Standards and Evaluation