Standard 5

5.4.a Professional Education Faculty qualifications
   5.4.a1 Faculty Credentials COEHD
   5.4.a2 UNO Employee Handbook_Faculty Appt.
   FacInfo Faculty information

5.4.b Clinical Faculty Data
   5.4.b1 P-12 Teacher Qualifications Spring 2014
   5.4.b2 P-12 Teacher Qualifications Fall 2014

5.4.c Policies and practices to assure Clinical Faculty Meet Unit Expectations

5.4.d Policies, expectations, and samples of Faculty Scholarly Activity
   5.4.d1 Examples of Scholarly Work
   5.4.d2 UNO Faculty Workload Policy

5.4.e Summary of Faculty Service/Collaborative Activities in Schools

5.4.f Policies, procedures, and practices for Faculty Evaluation
   5.4.f1 Promotion and Tenure
   5.4.f2 Continuing Review of Faculty Achievements
   5.4.f3 UL System Bylaw Chpt 3 Faculty_Rank
   5.4.f4 Review of Faculty Ranks

5.4.g Policies, procedures, and practices for Professional Development
   5.4.g1 Faculty Professional Development
   5.4.g2 New Faculty Professional Development Forums
   5.4.g3 COEHD Adjunct Orientation