Standard 4

4.4.a Proficiencies related to Diversity - End of Semester Evaluation

4.4.b Curriculum Components that Address Diversity Proficiencies
   4.4.b1 Diversity Assignments by Course
   4.4.b2 Curriculum Components Aligned with Banks

4.4.c Assessments with Diversity components

4.4.d Faculty Demographic Data
   4.4.d1 Faculty Demographics Chart
   4.4.d2 Scholarly Productivity related to Diversity

4.4.e Diversity of Candidates in Professional Education
   4.4.e1 Student Demographics Enrolled – CoEHD
   4.4.e2 UNO Enrollment Summaries – Spring 14

4.4.f Diversity of P12 Students in Clinical sites

4.4.g Policies/Practices for Recruiting/Retaining Diverse Faculty

4.4.h Policies/Practices for Recruiting/Retaining Diverse Candidates

4.4.i Policies/Procedures/Practices that Support Candidate Work with P-12 Students