Standard 3

3.4.a Example Collaborative Activities Unit/P-12 Schools
   3.4.a1 Master list of Districts and Schools for Clinical Practice
   3.4.a2 Sample Partnership Agreements
   3.4.a3 Examples of collaboration reported by faculty

3.4.b Data on Field Placements and Clinical Practice
   3.4.b1 MAT and UG Field hours required by course
   3.4.b2 Aggregate data on candidate placements in field experiences
   3.4.b3 Diversity of P-12 students in clinical practice sites
  3.4.b4 MAT Field Experiences by Program
   3.4.b5 UG Field Experiences by Program

3.4.c Criteria for Selecting Clinical Faculty
   3.4.c1 Criteria for Cooperating and Mentor Teachers
   3.4.c2 Criteria for College Coordinators
   3.4.c3 Application - Student Teaching and Capstone Internship

3.4.d Examples of Support/Evaluation of Clinical Faculty
   3.4.d1 Cooperating Teacher Evaluation
   3.4.d2 College Coordinator Evaluation
   3.4.d3 Cooperating Teacher requests to Principals
   3.4.d4 College Coordinators' Orientation Meeting Agenda
   3.4.d5 College Coordinators' Professional Team Meeting Notes
   3.4.d6 College Coordinator's cohort meeting notes sample
   3.4.d7 End of semester directions for College Coordinators

3.4.e Guidelines/Handbooks on Fied Experiences and Clinical Practice
   3.4.e1 Student Teaching Handbook
   3.4.e2 Capstone Internship Handbook

3.4.f Assessment Instruments/Scoring Guides for Data Collected from Field Experiences
   3.4.f1 Samples of faculty submissions (field experiences)
  3.4.f2 Scoring guides and Instruments

3.4.g Data on Candidates Entering and Exiting from Clinical Practice
   3.4.g1 Checkout sheet for UG and MAT Programs
   3.4.g2 Exit data from clinical practice