Standard 2

2.4.a Unit Assessment System
   2.4.a1 Description of Unit's Assessment System
   2.4.a2 Handbook Candidate Assessment
   2.4.a3 Handbook M.ED. Curriculum & Instruction

2.4.b Admission Criteria and Data
   2.4.b1 Initial Admission Criteria
   2.4.b2 Praxis Data by Test and Program
   2.4.b3 Graduate Admission Criteria
   2.4.b4 GRE Data Table

2.4.c Policies, Procedures, Practices for Program Quality
   2.4.c Assurances that key assessments are fair, accurate, free of bias

2.4.d Unit Assessment Matrix

2.4.e managing candidate complaints
   2.4.e1 Grade Appeal Procedure
   2.4.e2 Candidate Complaint Procedures

2.4.f File of candidate complaints and the unit's responses and resolutions

2.4.g Examples of Significant Data Driven Change
   2.4.g1 Examples of Changes Made to Unit Program Courses
   2.4.g2 Data Gathered from the Assessment System WEAVE