Standard 1

1.4.a1 BESE Approval for Teacher Education Programs Letter
1.4.a2 SPA Report Data

1.4.b Title II Reports
   1.4.b1 Title II Report UG
   1.4.b2 Title II Report Alternative

1.4.c Key Assessment and Scoring Guides
   1.4.c1  Undergraduate and MAT Praxis handouts
   1.4.c2 Key Assessments Conceptual Framework Assessment - Undergraduate
   1.4.c3  Conceptual Framework  Key Assessments - MAT
   1.4.c4  Key Assessments-Teacher Work Sample
   1.4.c5  Key Assessments-End of Semester – Spring 14
   1.4.c6  Key Assessments-End of Semester Evaluation – Fall 14
   1.4.c7  Key-Assessments-M.Ed.-C-and-I
   1.4.c8  Key-Assessments-MED-Leadership
   1.4.c9  Key-Assessments-Ph.-D.-Educational-Administration

1.4.d Key Assessment Data
   1.4.d1 Data on Key Assessments Praxis
   1.4.d2 Data on Key Assessments Conceptual Framework UG
   1.4.d3 Data on Key Assessments Conceptual Framework MAT
   1.4.d4 Data on Key Assessments Teacher Work Sample
   1.4.d5 Data on Key Assessments End of Semester Evaluation Spr14
   1.4.d6 Data on Key Assessments End of Semester Fall 2014
   1.4.d7 Data on Key Assessments M.Ed.C & I
   1.4.d8 Data Key Assessments M.Ed. Educational Leadership 

1.4.e Dispositions Key Assessments and Scoring Guides

1.4.f Dispositions Assessment Data
   1.4.f1  Dispositions 1
   1.4.f2  Dispositions 2
   1.4.f3  Dispositions 3

1.4.g Examples of Candidates' Assessment/Analysis
   1.4.g1 UG Example of Candidate Assessment and Analysis
   1.4.g2 MAT Example of Candidate Assessment and Analysis
   1.4.g3 MAT Example of Candidate Assessment and Analysis

1.4.h Examples of Candidates' Work
   1.4.h1 Example of Student Work UG Average (confidential)
   1.4.h2 Example of Student Work UG Exemplar (confidential)
   1.4.h3 Student Work MAT Average (confidential)
   1.4.h4 Student Work MAT Exemplar (confidential)
   1.4.h5 Student Work Advanced Average (confidential)
   1.4.h6 Student Work Advanced Exemplar (confidential)

1.4.i COEHD Exit Survey Fall 13 Spring 14

1.4.j Dean Meetings With External Stake holders

1.4.k Performance of Educator Preparation Program
   1.4.k1 Performance Data TEP
   1.4.k2 Dashboard Alternate Certification
   1.4.k3 Dashboard Undergraduate
   1.4.k4 Final Teacher Prep Fact Book