Elementary Education & Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Integrated to Merged Approach, Grades 1-5

Integrated to Merged Certification

Integrated to merged certification (IM) is the initial certification option in the mild/moderate disabilities program. Coursework for IM certification is designed to prepare practitioners who are highly effective in teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities, teaching elementary curriculum, or teaching in a content area (English/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies). Undergraduate students can earn certification in both elementary education and mild/moderate disabilities in grades 1 through 5 while earning a bachelor degree.

Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

  1. Demonstrate content knowledge in Elementary Education
  2. Demonstrate appropriate dispositions to be an effective elementary teacher.
  3. Demonstrate ability to design, implement and evaluate effective elementary curriculum and instruction.

Degree Requirements

The description of degree requirements for elementary education and mild/moderate disabilities provides an overview of courses required to complete the degree program.

"Integrated to Merged" Requirements

Field Experience

The program represents a performance-based model of personnel preparation, which includes field experiences associated with the required coursework. These experiences prepare candidates for the culminating clinical experience (student teaching or internship), which occurs during the last semester of the program. Information on the field experience requirements for each course can be found in the syllabus for each course.

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Candidate Assessment Information

The Elementary teacher education program requires candidates to complete a variety of assessments as they progress through the program of study.

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Master of Arts in Teaching

For students who have already attained a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, the Master of Art in Teaching degree is an alternate means to achieving certification. Student may earn certification in mild/moderate disabilities and elementary education.

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