Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

The Master of Arts in Teaching Degree (M.A.T.) is a Graduate Alternate Certification Program intended to allow individuals who have completed a non-education bachelor’s degree to earn a master’s degree and initial teaching certificate. If you already hold a teaching certificate you are not eligible for the MAT program. If you already hold a teacher certification, please explore the M.Ed. Program instead of the MAT Program.

Practitioner's License

Candidates fully admitted to the M.A.T. degree program will be eligible to apply for a practitioner teacher license.

Candidates can choose to teach and can begin the application process for a “Practitioner’s License” in the College Office (Rm. 242). This is a temporary license granted for teachers working on certification. To obtain a Practitioner’s License (PL), candidates are required to be:
a) Fully admitted to the MAT program.
b) Enrolled in coursework applicable to the chosen program of study.
c) Seek a teaching position in your certification area (i.e., subject and grade level)
Once the candidate has met these requirements, the Assistant Dean writes a letter verifying the candidate has met the requirements. The candidate takes this letter to their employer who then applies to the State Department of Education.

The PL must be renewed. To satisfy this requirement, the candidate must complete 9 credit hours since the last PL was issued. The candidate must also maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.

If you are currently certified, you can obtain an add-on certification in another area or qualify for a Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Certification Areas

Difference between the Integrated/Merged MAT Program and the Elementary and Secondary MAT programs:

The Integrated/Merged program prepares candidates in the instruction of students who are identified with mild/moderate disabilities and those in general education (1-5, 6-12). Candidates earn certifications in both areas. Elementary and Secondary MAT programs prepare candidates to teach general education programs either in the elementary grades (1-5) or secondary grades (6-12). Candidates earn teacher certification in elementary (1-5) or secondary (6-12 math, English, science or social studies).

Degree Requirements

The program of study is designed to move students toward certification in their areas of expertise. Upon acceptance, each candidate is assigned a major professor to assist in designing an appropriate program of study. The MAT includes a minimum requirement of 36 credit hours. Each candidate is required to complete at least one semester of student teaching or internship.

Course Load Information

Most students take approximately two to two and a half years to complete the program. Students are given up to six years to complete the MAT. However, if you are teaching on a PL-3 license, the license can only be renewed for four years. 

For students who work full time, we advise taking six credit hours per semester. Attempts are made to offer courses after school hours or during the day in the summer months. Some courses are also offered online.

It is possible to take one course before being admitted to the MAT program if you have already been admitted to the Graduate School. You will need to have met the minimum 2.5 GPA and the undergraduate degree requirements. You must meet with an Academic Counselor prior to enrolling in a course prior to admission to the MAT program.