Add-on Teacher Certification/Endorsement

Hearing Impairment (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)

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Kate Reynolds, Ph.D.; Coordinator, Program in Deaf Education

The Department of Special Education and Habilitative Services, offers courses in the area of deaf/hard of hearing (called hearing impairment by the state of Louisiana) for Louisiana teachers certified in any other area who wish to add-on an endorsement to their teaching certificates allowing them to work with students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Transcript Review

Depending on previous coursework in deaf education, teachers wishing to add on this endorsement should contact Dr. Kate Reynolds for a transcript review in order to determine the course work that is needed.

Official Listing of Coursework

The LA DOE "Teach Louisiana" website has the official listing of coursework and required PRAXIS tests (a downloadable PDF) needed to complete and acquire add-on certification/endorsement in Hearing Impairments. Go to the webpage and select “Hearing Impairments” under "Add-on & Ancillary Endorsements" for the PDF.

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Courses Available at UNO

The following crosswalk listing of UNO courses meet the Louisiana Department of Education requirements for add-on endorsement in hearing impairments:

LA DOE Requirement UNO Equivalent course 
Introduction to Special Education Any EDSP course other than Deaf Education
Physiological, psychosocial, sociological, and cultural aspects of deafness EDSP 4420/5420: Foundations of Deaf Education 
Educational Audiology, auditory assistive devices and technology  EDSP 6420: Educational Audiology
Language development that includes linguistic principles and assessment strategies in language acquisitions for deaf and hard of hearing  EDSP 6440: Language Development and Instructional  Strategies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Communication Methodology EDSP 6445: Communication Methodology: Assessment and Instructional Strategies for Developing Literacy Competence in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 
Speech and speech reading EDSP 6460: Spoken Language Development for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing 
*Successfully passing an additional course in Methods in Oral/Auditory Education *EDSP 6461: Advanced Spoken Communication and Auditory Skill Development for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing 
Instructional strategies and curriculum development for deaf and hard of hearing EDSP 6480: Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 
** Complete three (3) credit hours of internship of students with hearing impairments or three (3) years of successful teaching experience of student with hearing impairments.  **EDSP 6945: Practicum in hearing impairment

*Candidates for add-on endorsement in hearing impairments must satisfied one of the following requirements:

1. Demonstrate competency in American Sign Language (intermediate plus level) on the SLPI examination


2. Successfully complete a second level course in spoken language development for deaf and hard of hearing students.

**Candidates for add-on endorsement hearing impairments must satisfy one of the following requirements:

1. Complete a 120 hour practicum experience with deaf/hard of hearing students


2. Complete three years on an ‘OFAT” (teaching out of field) certificate in hearing impairment

Note: As a student pursuing the add-on certificate in any teaching area it is your responsibility to send all materials to the certification office of the LA State Department of Education. This includes any required PRAXIS examination scores and transcript(s) of course work that meets the Louisiana DOE requirements for that dad-on certification/endorsement area.