Add-on Louisiana Teacher Certification/Endorsement in Academically Gifted

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Paul Bole, Ph.D.

The Department of Special Education and Habilitative Services offers courses in the area of "Academically Gifted" for Louisiana teachers certified in any other area who wish to add-on an endorsement to their teaching certificates allowing them to work with  students who are "Academically Gifted."


Please be aware the State of Louisiana requires that students pursuing add-on "Academically Gifted" endorsement on their regular (not provisional) Louisiana teacher certification must have earned a master’s degree in some field of education prior to pursuing the add-on endorsement. As an example, it is common for students to simultaneously work on their master’s degree and "Academically Gifted" endorsement. Students may simultaneously work on their master’s degree and "Academically Gifted" endorsement. In this case, students must have both programs completed at the time they submit their application to the state. Also note the Louisiana Department of Education (DOE) will NOT allow someone to add an add-on endorsement to another state’s teacher certification.

Official Listing of Coursework

The LA DOE  "Teach Louisiana" website has the official listing of coursework and required PRAXIS tests (a downloadable PDF) needed to complete and acquire add-on certification/endorsement in "Academically Gifted."

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Courses Available at UNO

The following crosswalk lists UNO courses that meet the Louisiana Department of Education requirements for add-on endorsement in academically gifted.

Please check WebStar for the up-to-date list of courses. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester. Access WebStar
LA DOE Requirement UNO Equivalent course 
Characteristics/Study of Gifted Individuals EDSP 5510 (formerly 4510g)(offered Fall semester only)
Methods of Teaching the Gifted EDSP 6540(beginning Spring 2015 semester)
Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted EDSP 6510(offered Spring semester only)
Curriculum Development for the Gifted & Program Development EDSP 6550(offered Summer semester only)
Educational Technology EDSP 6964(offered Summer semester only)
Options: Practicum, Internship, or three years of successful teaching in academically gifted EDSP 6950 Practicum or EDSP 6963 Internship(offered Fall and Spring semesters only)

Note: As a student pursuing the add-on certificate in any teaching area it is your responsibility to send all materials to the certification office of the LA State Department of Education. This includes any required PRAXIS examination scores and transcript(s) of course work that meets the Louisiana DOE requirements for that add-on certification/endorsement area.