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Syllabus Requirements

Syllabus Guidelines

How to Reserve the PC or Mac Computer Centers on the 3rd Floor

The third floor computer centers, commonly referred to as "the labs," are student labs intended for the use of all students during posted hours of availability. At the present time, however, the UCC is allowing us to reserve these rooms for instructional purposes on an "as needed" basis. The rooms may also be used occasionally for other university-related events. Faculty members and select personnel may reserve the labs directly.

  • To reserve one of the labs, go to SharePoint. More specifically, go the COEHD site under "Privateers."
  • Type in your entire e-mail address as your user name, and not just your 8-character ID.
  • After you reach the college page, look on the left-hand side under "Lists," and you will see "PC Lab Reservations" and Mac Lab Reservations."
  • You will also note that there are other resources (e.g., conference rooms) that can be reserved in this manner.

Please be gracious when making reservations. Some basic guidelines:

  • Do not schedule events more than six months in the future.
  • If you need to reserve a room for the entire semester, as a courtesy, write an e-mail to all of the department chairs to let them know.
  • Also, be prepared to make accommodations with other instructors who need the room on an occasional basis during the semester.

Free Computer Training for Faculty & Staff

The University of New Orleans is offers free, on-site workshops to Faculty & Staff for Moodle, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, Microsoft Office 2007 Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. If you have any questions email the UCC Faculty Staff Resource Center at fsrc@uno.edu. All New Faculty & Staff are encouraged to attend.