Degree Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration

Required coursework for the Educational Administration Ph.D. currently constitutes a total of 93 hours beyond the Bachelor’s degree, including 18 hours of core courses, 21 hours in one’s concentration area (K-12 school leadership or higher education), 21 hours of research, 18 hours of electives, 6 hours of advanced seminars, and 9 hours of dissertation research.

Continuous Enrollment

Doctoral students are required to maintain continuous enrollment every Fall and Spring semester until graduation. Where extraordinary circumstances prevent continuous enrollment students may petition the faculty for a leave of absence.

Required Examinations

Doctoral students are expected to pass two required examinations, the Qualifying Exam and General Exam. The Qualifying Exam is taken after students complete 12 hours and the General Exam is taken, typically, in the last year of coursework.

Ethical Conduct

Students are expected to adhere to UNO's Student Code of Conduct.

Residency Requirement 

A doctoral student must earn two consecutive semesters of a minimum of nine hours of residence. The doctoral residence requirement may be met alternatively by three semesters of enrollment at six or more hours, which may be non-consecutive.

Students who are in residence for the purpose of the above requirement are expected to devote all of their energies to graduate study under the direct supervision of an advisor/dissertation chair and/or advisory committee. Students holding Graduate Assistantships and who are accordingly performing duties clearly relevant to their program of study will, in most cases, be accruing full-time residence credit.

Time To Degree Limitations

No more than 13 years may elapse between admittance to the program and completion of all requirements for the degree.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 93 hours beyond the Baccalaureate Degree is required. The curriculum is comprised of doctoral core courses, concentration courses (K12 or Higher Education), research courses, elective courses, advanced doctoral seminars, and dissertation research.

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Doctoral Core Courses (18 hours required)

  • EDAD 6910 Strategic Approaches to Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6920 Advanced Theories in Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6930 Leader Behavior in Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6940 Power and Politics in Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6950 Policy Analysis
  • EDAD 6960 Conceptualizing PK16+ Education

Concentration Courses (21 hours required)

School Leadership Concentration

  • EDAD 6800 School Leadership
  • EDAD 6805 Leading the Learning Environment
  • EDAD 6810 School Law
  • EDAD 6812 Leading Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction
  • EDAD 6816 School Based Management
  • EDAD 6840 Organization & Governance of K-12 Schools
  • EDAD 6845 School Community Relations
  • EDAD 6850 Supervision of instruction
  • EDAD 6860 School Principalship
  • EDAD 6875 School Improvement
  • EDAD 6895 School Leaders Internship
  • EDFR 6700 Educational Research
  • EDAD 6950 Current Issues in School Administration Research (proposed)
  • EDAD 6980 Independent Study in Ed. Administration
  • EDAD 6993 Special Topics in Educational Administration

Higher Education Concentration

  • EDAD 6310 Foundations of Adult Education
  • EDAD 6320 Adult Learning and Development
  • EDAD 6370 Methods of Adult Education
  • EDAD 6390 Practicum in Adult Learning
  • EDAD 6530 Student Services in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6535 College Student Development
  • EDAD 6550 The Academic Profession
  • EDAD 6600 The American College and University
  • EDAD 6605 Community and Technical Colleges
  • EDAD 6610 Legal Aspects of Higher Education
  • EDAD 6615 Financial Management in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6620 History and Philosophy of Higher Education
  • EDAD 6630 Student Choice in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6640 College Teaching
  • EDAD 6645 College Student Learning
  • EDAD 6650 College Curriculum
  • EDAD 6675 Current Issues in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6681 Organization and Leadership in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6683 Students in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6684 Teaching, Learning & Curriculum in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6695 Internship in Higher Education
  • EDAD 6980 Independent Study in Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6991 Special Topics in Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6993 Special Topics in Educational Administration

Individualized Concentration (27 hours required)
As an alternative to the concentration coursework above, a student may petition the faculty in educational administration to create an individualized program consisting of at least 21 hours of thematically related courses.

Research Courses (21 hours required):

EDFR 6705, 6710 and 6715 are required for all doctoral students. Students should consult with their advisor for the remaining 12 hours of research courses.

  • EDAD 6090 Independent Research in Educational Administration
  • EDFR 6705 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design
  • EDFR 6710 Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Hypothesis Testing (Prerequisite: EDFR 6705)
  • EDFR 6715 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods (Prerequisite: EDFR 6705)
  • EDFR 6720 Applied Regression and Analysis of Covariance (Prerequisite: EDFR 6710)
  • EDFR 6721 Qualitative Research Data Analysis (Prerequisite: EDFR 6715)
  • EDFR 6725 Multivariate Statistics and Covariance Structure Analysis (Prerequisite: EDFR 6720)
  • EDFR 6730 Research Design in Education (Prerequisite: EDFR 6720)
  • EDFR 6731 Qualitative Research Design and Writing (Prerequisite EDFR 6705, EDFR 6715, EDFR 6721)
  • EDFR 6675 Advanced Educational Program Evaluation (Prerequisites: EDCI 6670 and EDFR 6710)
  • EDFR 6990 Independent Study
  • EDFR 6993 Special Topics in Educational Research

Elective Courses (18 hours): as advised/approved by student’s faculty advisor. Hours from student’s Masters Program may be transferred in to meet this requirement.

Advanced Doctoral Seminars (6 hours required):

  • EDAD 6890 Seminar in Educational Administration
  • EDAD 6997 Research Seminar in Educational Administration

Dissertation Research: Minimum 9 hours required.

  • EDAD 7050 Dissertation Research

Check the Educational Administration Courses web page for further Course Catalog information.

After completion of all other coursework, students must enroll in at least three (3) hours of EDAD 7050 every fall and spring semester to maintain continuous enrollment until they graduate. [EDAD 7040 may be scheduled only if student has successfully defended their dissertation but otherwise did not meet deadlines for graduation in the previous semester. EDAD 7040 may be taken only once.]