Doctoral Courses

Counseling Education Courses

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Ph.D. Program Courses

Entry Level Core (48 Credits)
EDGC 6330 Career Counseling and Life Planning
EDGC 6400 Theories of Counseling
EDGC 6420 Lifespan Human Growth and Development
EDGC 6430 Counseling Techniques
EDGC 6440 Advanced Counseling Techniques
EDGC 6450 Group Work
EDGC 6452 Introduction to Multicultural Counseling
EDGC 6535 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling
EDGC 6630 Analysis of the Individual
EDGC 6660 Crisis Intervention Counseling
EDFR 6700 Educational Research
EDGC 6810 Introduction to Supervision in Counseling
EDGC 6850 Ethical and Professional Issues in Counselor Education
EDGC 6896 Practicum in Counseling (100 hours required)
EDGC 6897 Internship in Counseling (600 hours required)(6 credits)

Doctoral Level Core (39 Credits)
EDGC 6439 Advanced Counseling Theories
EDGC 6460 Supervised Experience in Group Work
EDGC 6852 Advanced Multicultural Counseling
EDGC 6880 Advanced Counseling Interventions
EDGC 6991 Doctoral Teaching Practicum
EDGC 6898 Practicum in Counseling (100 hours required)
EDGC 6899 Internship in Counselor Education (600 hours required)(6 credits)
EDGC 6993 Spec Topics in Counselor Education - Consultation
EDGC 6996 Advanced Supervision in Counseling
EDGC 6997 Research Seminar in Counselor Education
EDGC 7050 Dissertation Research (9 credits)

Research Tools and Minor (15 Credits)
EDFR 6705 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Designs
EDFR 6710 Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Hypothesis Testing
EDFR 6715 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

EDFR 6720 Applied Regression and Analysis of Covariance
EDFR 6721 Qualitative Research Data Analysis

EDFR 6725 Multivariate Statistical and Covariance Structure Analysis
EDFR 6731 Qualitative Research Design and Writing

Counseling Emphasis Area (Minimum of 12 Credits)