How To Apply


Application due dates for consideration for admissions

  • Fall: March 15th
  • Spring: September 30th


International Admissions Policy

For more information about International Student’s policies, procedures and requirements please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars at


Counselor Education Doctoral Program  (Ph.D.)

This web page should be used as a basic outline for submitting application documents and should not be considered a legal document. 

Please contact the counseling program at, for more in-depth and up-to-date information to meet all program admission requirements  

Application Procedures

Steps marked with * are completed using the online application

  1. Access the online application by clicking on the link below and follow links to create an account and begin electronic application process.
  2. Complete the application
  3. Write personal statement and attach to online application (guidelines are below).*
  4. Input the contact information for three references.*
  5. Attach Professional Resume. *
  6. Send Official Transcripts from ALL previously attended institutions. Instructions for submitting are provided on the Graduate Application Procedures page link above.
  7. Send Official GRE Scores. Scores must be less than five (5) years old. Instructions for submitting are provided on the Graduate Application Procedures page link above.
Graduate Application Procedures

Coordinator of Counseling & Counselor Education Graduate Programs

Dr. Zarus Watson
Associate Professor
Office: ED 172
Phone: 504-280-6834
Fax: 504-280-6453

Counseling Coordination Office:    ED 180

Personal Statement Guidelines

The personal statement is a thoughtful 3-5 page essay that describes the following elements:

  • A summary of your education and work experience and how they have contributed to your readiness for counselor education.
  • Your reason for wanting to earn a Ph.D. in counseling.
  • Your professional goals and how a UNO Doctoral Degree in Counselor Education can help your accomplish your professional goals.

Only those applications that are complete and include all the required documentation (i.e., personal statement, three references, resume, transcripts, and GRE scores less than 5 years old) will be considered for review. If for some reason all of the required documentation is not received then the applicant must notify the UNO Counseling Graduate Program and indicate whether or not he or she desires to be considered for the next application submission deadline.

Individual Interviews

Once completed applications are received and reviewed, selected applicants will be invited for individual interviews with the program faculty. Information will be sent via email regarding the dates and times for interviews. Interviews will cover:

  1. your reasons for pursuing doctoral studies
  2. why you have chosen counseling as a profession
  3. why you have chosen to apply to this particular doctoral program
  4. your career goals
  5. areas in which you might conduct research
  6. your understanding of the challenges inherent in completing a Ph.D. in our program
  7. your receptivity to feedback
  8. your commitment to diversity

Role-Play Counseling Session

Additionally, applicants will be videoed for a ten minute role-play counseling session with an advanced doctoral student role-playing as the client which will be completed in the counseling lab. Also, applicants will be given one hour to complete an ethical dilemma-writing sample in the lab computer room.

Following the screening interviews, the program faculty will conduct a final review of applications and supporting materials and select applicants for admission. Applicants will be notified by email of their admissions status.