Application Procedures for Counselor Education  Doctoral Program  (Ph.D.)

1. Deadlines

Application due dates for consideration for admission are January 15 for Fall and September 30 for Spring.

Application materials required by the UNO Office of Admissions, and the UNO Counselor Education Graduate Program must be on file on or before the deadline date in order to be considered for admission. You are encouraged to submit all application materials well in advance of the deadline in order to ensure that your application is complete on time. As set forth below, various materials are to be submitted to different offices. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that each set of materials is submitted and received by the correct office and that the application packet is complete. Only those applications which include all the required documentation will be considered for review. If for some reason all of the required documentation is not received by the UNO Office of Admissions, or the UNO Graduate Counselor Education Graduate Program, then the applicant must notify the UNO Counselor Education Graduate Program and indicate whether or not he or she desires to be considered for the next application submission deadline.

Coordinator of Counseling & Counselor Education Graduate Programs

Dr. Zarus Watson
Associate Professor

Office : ED 184
Phone : (504) 280-6449
Fax: (504) 280-6453

E-mail :

Counseling Coordination Office:    ED 180

2. Apply to UNO Admissions.
    Submit the following:

  • A completed Graduate School Application.
  • Transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended (must be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the institutions).
  • GRE scores earned in the past five years.

Send the information listed above to:

University of New Orleans
Office of Admissions
103 Administration Building
New Orleans, LA 70148

3. Acceptance Letter as a Non-degree
    Seeking Student

Once your application is complete with UNO Admissions, you will receive a letter accepting you as a non-degree seeking student. This is the first part of the admissions process. This letter indicates that your application is being processed along the necessary steps. The second step, below, furthers your application from non-degree to the Counselor Education Program as a degree-seeking student. If accepted, you will receive a second letter accepting you as a degree seeking student into the UNO Counselor Education Program.

4. Apply to the Counselor Education Doctoral Program

Submit the following:

  1. A completed Application Form for the Doctoral Degree Program in Counselor Education.
  2. A Personal Statement (see instructions).
  3. Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended (may be copies).
  4. A copy of GRE scores earned in the past five years
  5. Send the information listed above to Dr. Zarus Watson, Counseling and Counselor Education Graduate Program Coordinator

5. Final Steps in the Admissions Process

Once applications and the required materials are received, information will be sent regarding the dates and times for interviews. Protocol for interviews involve the following:

  1. reasons for applying to a counselor education graduate program
  2. expectations of the program
  3. the role of a counselor
  4. purpose and role of feedback
  5. how applicants respond to feedback.

Following the screening interviews the program faculty will review application and supporting materials and select applicants for admission. Applicants will be notified by mail of their admissions status.

Formal admission to the Counselor Education Graduate Program will be granted only after attendance at one of the mandatory orientation meetings. Those who attend an orientation meeting will receive a formal letter of admission to the program. Those who do not attend an orientation meeting will not be admitted to the program and will be required to reapply.

6. Optional - Enrollment as a Non-Degree Student.

While in the process of applying to the PhD program in counselor education, individuals may briefly enroll as non-degree students. In order to take three (3) Foundation courses, it will be necessary for you to have been admitted by the UNO Graduate School as a non-degree graduate student. Other courses in the counselor education graduate program may not be taken until the applicant is admitted as a doctoral student and has fulfilled all other requirements.

International Admissions Policy:

Completed international applications are considered on an individual basis. In certain cases interactive video conference interviews might be held.


Until application documentation has been reviewed by the Counselor Education Graduate Program and you have been interviewed, you are not eligible to be officially accepted into the doctoral degree program. If admitted, you will receive two letters in sum, one as a non-degree seeking student by UNO Admissions and one into the UNO Counselor Education Graduate Program as a degree seeking student. Until you receive both letters, you are not considered officially accepted.