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Roxane Dufrene, Ph.D.
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Graduate Counseling Office
Office: ED 180
Phone: 504-280-6449
E-mail: gradcoed@uno.edu

Advising Information

Incoming master’s students will be assigned to the Program Coordinator for initial advising. Thereafter, students will then be assigned to a faculty member as an advisor for the remainder of the student’s tenure with the program.

Incoming doctoral students will be assigned faculty advisors for initial advising. Doctoral students are assigned an advisor for academic advising only. Selecting a dissertation chair is a separate process.

Master's and doctoral students will complete a "Program of Study" form for completing their degree, (which includes a schedule for registering for courses throughout the degree program), when they meet with their faculty advisor. This plan can be modified as needed, but any changes should be reviewed and approved by the faculty advisor.

Students may register for courses each term without consulting their faculty advisor. Faculty advisors may be contacted for registration advice if problems arise. However, if students are following the schedule of course completion developed previously with their faculty advisor, there is no need for additional consultation.

Students must ensure they have completed all prerequisites for courses before they enroll each term. In the event students register for courses for which they are not qualified, they will be required to drop such courses the first time the course meets. Prerequisite requirements will be vigorously enforced by professors so that the quality of instruction will not be compromised.

Courses in the counseling program fill-up early each term and seats are available only on a first come basis. The only circumstance in which professors will agree to admit students to closed classes is when a student’s imminent graduation would be delayed if he or she were not admitted to the class. It is the student's responsibility to explain the necessity of taking the course in order to be considered for admission to a closed class.

Full-time UNO professors have the authority to determine whether a student will be admitted to closed classes that they are teaching. Students should contact the professor directly if they wish to enroll in a closed class. In the event an adjunct professor is teaching a closed counseling class, request for admission to that class should be directed to the Coordinator of the Counseling Graduate Program.

Students who wish to enroll in more than 12 credit hours in the Fall/Spring semester or more than 9 hours in a Summer semester will need to request permission from the College of Education and Human Development. The form, "Request to Override Credit Hour Limits", may be obtained from the coordinator’s office and will be processed within the College of Education and Human Development.