Master's Program Assessments


Once accepted into the counseling master's program, candidates:

  • Attend the Orientation session
  • Meet with a faculty advisor to plan a Program of Study (The program of study form must be completed by the end of EDGC 6440, Advanced Counseling Techniques.) At this meeting, compile the following information to be included in the report:
    • List of courses already completed
    • List of courses in which currently enrolled
    • List of courses left to take, as indicated on program of study
    • See Counseling Program Student Handbook regarding transfer courses

To successfully complete the program, the following courses require a grade of "B" or better:

  • EDGC 6400 Theories of Counseling
  • EDGC 6430 Counseling Techniques
  • EDGC 6440 Advanced Counseling Techniques
  • EDGC 6450 Group Work
  • EDGC 6535 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling
  • EDGC 6850 Ethical and Professional Issues in Counselor Education
  • EDGC 6896 Practicum in Counseling (100 hours required)
  • EDGC 6897 Internship in Counseling (600 hours required) (6 credits)

During the term you are enrolled in EDGC 6440: Advanced Counseling Techniques
The course instructor and/or full-time faculty members will complete a copy of the Interpersonal Characteristics Survey (ICS) form for each student enrolled in the course

During the term you are enrolled in EDGC 6896: Master's Practicum in Counseling

  • Meet with faculty advisor to complete the Application for Candidacy form
  • Faculty advisor completes and submits the Application for Candidacy form
    After the student successfully completes EDGC 6896 Practicum and EDGC 6897 Internship I, the general qualifying exam form is completed by the faculty advisor and submitted to the Graduate School.

Master's Comprehensive Examination

M.Ed. degree students must successfully pass a comprehensive exam before being awarded the degree. Students are encouraged to take the exam the term (fall, spring, or summer) before their last term. Students also may take the exam their last term in the program. In the event a core course covering one of the areas listed below will not be taken until the student's last term, the exam should not be taken until that time.

The test consists of 160 multiple choice questions, 140 of which are the actual test questions, and 20 are questions which are being tested for future exam use. The questions are taken from the following areas:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Social and Cultural Foundations
  • Helping Relationships
  • Group Work
  • Career and Lifestyle Development
  • Appraisal (Analysis of the Individual)
  • Research and Program Evaluation
  • Professional Orientation and Ethics

The passing score for the Master's Comprehensive Examination is a score of 60% or better. 
Before taking the Master's Comprehensive Exam, master's students must be sure that they have met with their major professor and completed/filed an Application for Candidacy. The candidacy form must be filed the term after they complete Practicum in Counseling. Payment for the Counseling Graduate program Master's Comprehensive Exam is required on the day the exam is administered and is to be given to the test administrator.

The examination date (as well as the deadline for exam registration) will be posted on the program listserv and program bulletin board well in advance of each administration. To register to take the Comprehensive Examination, master's degree students should register in the Bicentennial Education Building, Room 348-O by the deadline date. NOTE: Students who are not listed on the program exam roster will not be able to take the exam, as an exam booklet will not have been ordered for them. Read the Counseling Graduate Program Handbook for information, requirements and procedure for scheduling to take the examination.

Once candidate has successfully passed the Comprehensive Exam:

  • It is recommended that you compare a copy of your most recent transcript with a copy of the Candidacy form. If there are any discrepancies between what is listed and what was actually taken, contact the Coordinator's Office to change your Candidacy form.
  • Apply for Graduation by filling out the necessary paperwork in the Registrar's Office.
  • Pay your graduation fee at the Bursar's Office and inquire about any outstanding debts that would prevent you from graduating.