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Creating and Maintaining a Live Text ePortfolio

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(including field experience hours)

Teacher Candidates: Field experience hours are no longer tracked by the college administration. All school career candidates are to create one portfolio that they use throughout their coursework. Some professors may ask you to share your portfolio with them, and others may not. One way or the other, you are expected to keep track of your hours so that you may present this record when asked. We are working within a system in which candidates are able to affirm that they have been accumulating and recording the necessary hours. Candidates should have 180 hours BEFORE they are allowed to begin student teaching.

Below is information about creating a portfolio, in case you have not yet done so. 

Creating a portfolio

It is only necessary to create one portfolio for your entire program of study. The uniquely designed templates list all of your courses, and within each course, there is an area for you to record your field experience hours. Courses are listed at the side of the screen. It is possible to add or drop a course that is listed, or you can even track hours (See: "Addt'l Field Hours") that you have clocked outside of coursework. (Ask your professors before making assumptions about what hours can be counted.)

Let's begin!

  1. Log on to Live Text (
  2. Click on the "Documents" tab, then click "+New"
  3. Click on the first dropdown menu ("Folder"), and choose "Portfolios: Courses/Field Experience."
  4. On the next dropdown menu, choose the template that best matches your program of study.
  5. Give your portfolio a simple title, like "My Portfolio." I suggest that you put your last name in parentheses after the title, because if professors ask you to share your portfolio with them or submit it for review, it is easier for them to identify it.
  6. Click "Save as New Document." It may take a few seconds, so be patient.

The first page you will see includes directions.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional question that are specific to the UNO E-portfolios, I would encourage you to share your questions with your colleagues or your professors. If they are general LiveText questions, don't hesitate to call their Help line or write to them. (See "Help," top right of every screen.)