Candidate Assessment Information

Elementary Education

The elementary education programs requires candidates to complete a variety of assessments as they progress through the program of study. Assessments include unit assessments that are incorporated into each teacher education program of study.

The teacher preparation program includes both unit-wide assessments and unique assessments aligned with program standards and created specifically for the program. If you have any questions about Candidate Assessment Information is provided by the program coordinator, the college counselors, or your professors.

Unit Assessment System

The unit assessment system provides ongoing information related to how candidates are developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to the conceptual framework, and it provides a structure for the elementary program assessment system. The unit assessment system includes several portals, or gates: admission to the program, the completion of alI coursework prior to the clinical experience, and exit from the program.  Unit assessments take place at all portals.

The Disposition Review

The disposition review, a unit assessment, takes place at three portals but represents a developmental assessment of candidates across time and experiences in the program.

Unique Assessment

The unique assessments are administered and scored at Portal III and Portal IV. Passing scores on these assessments are required for progression in the program.