Add-On Certification Endorsement

The requirements to obtain an add-on teaching endorsement vary according to the existing certification held by the candidate. A candidate MUST hold an initial teaching certification in the state of Louisiana to "add on" an approved endorsement .

The College of Education and Human Development offers the following add-on certification programs:

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Elementary 1-5
  • Reading Specialist
  • Secondary 6-12 (Content areas: English, Math, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics)

Department of Special Education & Habilitative Services

Add-on & Ancillary Endorsements

If there is not a hyperlink associated with an add-on certification program, it is possible to get the information about requirements from the state education department. The State of Louisiana maintains a site with the requirements for each endorsement area.

Visit the Teach Louisiana website
  • Scroll down until you see "Add-on & Ancillary Endorsements."
  • Click on the drop down menu and choose one of the add-on areas that are listed above.
  • Click submit.
  • You will be shown a document listing the requirements for add-on endorsement in your selected area.

If you would like more information about the Add-On Certification Endorsement Programs listed above, please contact the relevant department or call (or visit) the College of Education & Human Development Office. In the college office, there are individual, custom-designed guide sheets that may assist you with your inquiry process. When you visit the office, simply ask the person at the front desk for a handout with the add-on information in which you are interested.