Registering for LiveText ALL school career candidates MUST purchase LiveText.* It is NOT necessary to purchase the "field experience edition" at this time. Our suggestion is to purchase the expanded version with "Learn 360," because we think that you can learn a great deal by becoming familiar with this type of multi-media resource. At this time, however, this additional commitment is completely optional. When you register, your credit card will be charged $98 (or $128 if you choose to include Learn 360). This is a one-time purchase fee and is good for five years of use.

When you register it is important to use your UNO seven digit numeric student ID # (not your "email" name) for your user name. You may select any password you want, but please don't forget it!

LiveText Exceptions

There are some exceptions for those seeking "add-on" certification. If you are enrolled only to gain add-on certification, please check with one of your instructors to see if you are required to purchase LiveText. Even if you are exempt, we encourage you to purchase the product, as it is a very powerful educational resource

Information on Field Experience (FEX) Hours

Enter your field experience hours in live text using a portfolio. Your professors can provide you with information about whether or not you will be submitting your portfolios to them during the semester. If you have any questions, please talk to one of your professors.

Adding/editing courses in the field experience portfolio. PDF tutorial of how you can add your own courses to the portfolio.