Graduate Program

The marine industry needs engineers with advanced degrees and offers them high paying career opportunities. Thousands of men and women are employed in the marine industry, and many of them are naval architects and marine engineers who work on:

  • The design of ships, boats, and offshore structures
  • The marine systems for shipping raw materials and finished products
  • The frontiers of deep sea exploration and mineral recovery
  • The operation and servicing of marine systems.

Supporting these activities are engineers and researchers with advanced degrees. The advanced UNO study programs, along with the nearby Gulf Coast, with its ship and offshore industry, shipyards, and naval and oceanographic laboratories, provide unique opportunities for career advancement.

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Master of Science in Engineering concentration in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Departmental Graduate Coordinator
Brandon M. Taravella, Ph.D., P.E.

Master of Science in Engineering

The College of Engineering offers a graduate program leading to a Master of Science (M.S.) in Engineering with a choice of several concentrations, including Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Applicants with various backgrounds and different goals can be accommodated in the program of graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Engineering, and many of the courses are scheduled "after hours" to enable the working engineer to continue to broaden his/her education on a part-time basis.

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Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science

The College of Engineering offers a graduate program, in which the Department of Electrical Engineering is a participant, leading to a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science.

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