Chris B. McKesson, P.E.

Adjunct Professor



Office: EN 934
Phone: 504-280 7184 or 360-731-3203


Education:  BScE, NAME, University of Michigan (1979)
MSE, NAME, University of New Orleans (2010)
Licensed Professional Engineer (Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering),
State of Washington Department of Licensing. Registration No 31936, 1994

Employment History

  • 2009 - present:
    University of New Orleans
    Adjunct Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • 2005 - 2009:
    Alion Science & Technology, Inc -- Alexandria VA
    Senior Engineering Science Advisor - Unconventional Naval Architecture
  • 1997 - 2005:
    John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. -- Silverdale, WA
    Program Manager
  • 1992 - 1997:
    Art Anderson Associates, Inc. -- Bremerton, Washington
    Principal - Commercial Marine Division
  • 1991 - 1992:
    Chris B. McKesson - "Consulting in Naval Architecture" -- San Diego, California
  • 1984 - 1991:
    Naval Sea Systems Command -- Arlington, VA
    Section Head - Advanced Vehicles Section
  • 1989 - 1990:
    Service Technique des Constructions et Armes Navales -- Paris, France.
    US Exchange Engineer
  • 1980 - 1984:
    John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. -- Arlington, VA
    Senior Naval Architect


  • San Diego Yacht Club (since 1976)
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Associate Member (since 1980)
  • Member of Technical and Research Panel SD-5 on Advanced Hull Forms
  • Member of Technical and Research Panel O-36 on Transportation Economics
  • Member of Technical and Research Panel SC-2 on Small Commercial Craft
  • Royal Institution of Naval Architects (since 2000)
  • Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering, Member (since 1998 - Lapsed 2006)
  • American Society of Naval Engineers, Associate Member (since 1983 - Lapsed 2005)

Research Interests

Mr. McKesson has thirty years experience, focusing primarily on unconventional projects and programs. He has held many positions of responsibility during his career as a Naval Architect, ranging from managing a small design bureau to representing the United States as technical expert to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He has represented the state-of-the-art in ship design to staff of the United States Congress, and he has represented his company before clients, and the clients before their customers.

Whereas in early days "unconventional projects" tended to mean an emphasis on speed, in recent years it has included unconventional propulsion systems, or an 'unconventional' emphasis on environmental stewardship. McKesson has completed several projects dealing with marine environmental issues, including a multi-year study of alternative fuels and alternative propulsion systems for the San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority (2000-2001), the design of a fuel-cell powered ferry also for the WTA (2001-2002), and the assessment of environmental impacts of a new ferry class for the Washington State Ferries (2004).

On a smaller scale McKesson was also intimately involved in the test-bed installation of gas turbines in a 40-ft V-bottom craft. The purpose of this installation was to demonstrate the replacement of the craft's 750 hp gasoline-fueled engines with diesel-fueled gas turbines. This project was accomplished as a subcontractor to a Seattle-based turbine specialist. At the other extreme, McKesson has recently completed his second project addressing the economics of nuclear propulsion for large container ships.

High speed vessels remain of interest. McKesson was the hull form development specialist for the Raytheon SES Littoral Combat Ship for the US Navy. He has also lead the installation of transom wedges on VICTORIA CLIPPER III, which resulted in a 3 to 5 knot speed gain for this 25-knot catamaran. He also led, for the Government of the Province of British Columbia, a detailed technical assessment of the new PACIFICAT 122-meter 34-knot fast ferry. This ferry was delivered late and amid allegations of technical inadequacy, and JJMA was contracted to assess the quality of the ship. This project included directing the survey team, editing the 100-page survey report, and even holding a televised press conference to brief the results of the assessment.

McKesson and his wife Debra live full-time aboard their Columbia 36 sailboat, currently in the Puget Sound.

The combination of a love of the sea, an appreciation for and understanding of the needs of the seaman, and technical training as a naval architect gives him a unique balance of skills.


(Many are available on-line at
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