About NAME

The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) at the University of New Orleans was established in 1980 on demand by the local shipbuilding and offshore industry.  Since then the School of NAME has provided the marine industry with well educated graduates and supports its progress through basic and applied research.  We offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (BS NAME)
  • Master of Science in Engineering (MSE NAME)
  • Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science (PhD NAME)

Our graduates are on high demand and find positions usually well before their actual graduation in a wide range of marine enterprises including ship and yacht builders, offshore companies, engineering and design consultants, software developers and others.

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is to supply well-educated graduates for perpetuation and advancement of the maritime industry, to maintain and advance the practice of naval architecture and marine engineering through education and research, to elevate the UNO School of NAME and the University of New Orleans in prominence as a valued contributor to the marine field, and to continually strengthen direct ties with the local and national marine industry constituency.

School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Endowment Fund

During the summer of 2016 a successful crowdfunding campaign raised almost $26,000 to create an endowment for the School of NAME.  Revenue from the endowment will support student scholarships, student projects, and laboratory development.  You can help us grow our endowment by visiting the College of Engineering donation page at https://www.unoalumni.com/coe-giving.  Make sure you select Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the Designation box and add the statement "for endowment" in the Comments section.  Thank you for your support!