Ting Wang, Ph.D.

Jack and Reba Matthey Endowed Chair
Director of Energy Conversion and Conservation Center (ECCC


Phone: 504-280-7183
Email: twang@uno.edu



Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota
MS, State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Interests: Gas turbine systems; Transitional and turbulent boundary layer; Fluid mechanics; Heat transfer; Curved flow; Electronic equipment cooling; Bi-diffusion natural convection; Energy conservation; Alternative fuels; Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant

Current Research

  • Mist/steam cooling
  • Jet impingement cooling
  • Separated-flow transition
  • Combustor flow aerodynamics
  • Heat transfer enhancement on micro-structured surfaces
  • Biomass gasification combustion
  • Integrated gasification combined cycles