Research Laboratories

Combustion Engineering Laboratory (EN105)

Combustion LaboratoryHigh Pressure Hybrid Rocket Test Bed with PIV System
This laboratory is equipped to supplement the various design electives as needed. A solid fuel and gas fuel combustion experimental bench is under development. It will be used as a demonstration unit in thermal sciences lab.


Composite Materials Research Laboratory (EN508) 

Materials Test SystemMaterials Test System
The Composite Materials Research Laboratory conducts research in composite materials with broad applications for agile manufacturing, energy conservation, and technological advancement. This laboratory is equipped to give faculty and students access to the latest technology in testing, data acquisition, and analysis equipment. The laboratory features several devices to measure material response to temperature extremes, impact, vibration and loading fatigue.


Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory (EN106) 

Cryogenic LaboratoryThis laboratory is used to conduct investigations on low-temperature phenomena. It includes a test rig that is composed of a vacuum-jacketed, 50-gallon, test tank equipped with two side-view ports and a cryogenic pump with a variable frequency drive. This laboratory is also equipped with various data acquisition systems for pressure and low temperature measurements in cryogenic fluids. In addition, a 2-D laser Doppler anemometer is available to measure two-phase flow velocities and vapor film thickness under unsteady conditions. A two-dimensional Particle Image Velocimeter (PIV) is used to measure instantaneous velocity fields in various fluids including cryogenic liquids.

Wind Tunnel Lab (joint facility with ECCC (Energy Conversion and Conservation Center)

Smaller Wind TunnelwindTwo wind tunnels are available for aerothermal research. The smaller wind tunnel delivers 5,000 CFM flow at about 80 mph speed. The larger wind tunnel is equipped with changeable test sections, mainly for gas turbine research. It can provide 12,000 CFM airflow with a top wind speed of 91 mph.

The speed of the wind tunnel is controlled by a constant-torque, variable frequency motor controller. The temperature of the wind tunnel can be cooled at a rate of 4.5°C/min (8°F/min) down to 10°C (50°F) and be heated at a rate of 0.77°C/min (1.4°F/min) up to 60°C (140°F). 

windThe data acquisition systems include an automatic traversing system, a four-channel hot wire anemometry, a 96-channel thermocouple acquisition system, and a 288-channel pressure scanning system.



X-Ray Characterization Laboratory (EN509)

X-Ray Micro CT SystemX-ray Diffraction SystemThe X-ray characterization laboratory was developed for materials characterization and non-destructive testing. Instrumentation includes a Philips X-ray diffractometer with dual optics for conventional powder diffraction measurements of phase identification, and grazing incidence optics for studying surfaces and thin films. The instrument is currently being utilized in research on the development of new alloys and on new coatings and surface treatments for corrosion and wear resistance. A Skyscan 1072 high resolution X-ray micro-CT system is used for non-destructive testing on small parts. The instrument works in a manner similar to a medical CT scanner, but with higher resolution (down to a few microns). Research with the micro-CT includes studies of the development of microcracks in composite materials and 3-D characterization of micro-parts fabricated by X-ray lithography methods.

Instructional Laboratories

Fluid Sciences Laboratory (EN134) 

Fluid Sciences LabThis laboratory contains equipment to conduct various experiments for ENME 3716 - Fluid Mechanics Laboratory. Experiments are set-up for the measurement of fluid properties, determination of critical Reynolds number, fluid meters, pipe friction, open-channel flow, nozzle characteristics, pressure distribution around a circular cylinder, and center of pressure on a submerged plane surface. The laboratory also complements the lecture course ENME 3720 - Fluid Mechanics. A digital PC-based data acquisition system is incorporated into the Subsonic Wind Tunnel setup. A second subsonic wind tunnel demonstration has been constructed that incorporates a Hot-Wire Anemometer for velocity measurements.

Materials Science Laboratory (EN506)

This laboratory is equipped to support ENME 2711 - Structures and Properties of Materials Laboratory. It contains equipment such as polishing wheels, microscopes, creep testers, materials testing equipment, environmental chamber, hardness testing machine, and ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation equipment. A metallograph, which was obtained primarily as a research tool, is also used in this lab. The laboratory is adequately equipped to conduct experiments in stress concentration, creep transition, temperature, heat treatment, jominy tests, cooling curves, brazing and soldering, weld defects and corrosion.

Rapid Prototyping Laboratory (EN 409)

Thermojet PrinterThis laboratory can be used to support ENME 1781 - Computer-Aided Engineering Graphics. The laboratory features a Thermojet solid object printer that allows users to fabricate a physical model or prototype directly from a 3D CAD file. Reverse engineering capabilities are available through the use of a non-contact 3D laser scanner. The resulting scanned data can then be modified and the design improved by the use of a force-feedback haptic device.

Thermal Sciences Laboratory (EN514)

 Thermal Laboratorytermalthermal
Low Pressure Combustion Setup with PC Based Data Acquisition System

This laboratory is equipped to support ENME 3711 - Thermal Sciences Laboratory. It contains equipment for performing experiments in conduction, natural convection, radiation, heat exchangers, air conditioning/heat pumps. This laboratory provides students with experience in thermodynamics and heat transfer. Much of the equipment has been designed and constructed in-house. A new PC-based data acquisition and analysis system has been incorporated into an experimental bench that is used to study the effectiveness of cross-flow air to liquid heat exchangers. Digital data acquisition systems are also used in other experimental setups. A natural convection demonstration setup is under construction that will use the PIV system for the measurements of buoyancy driven flow fields.

Mechanics of Materials Laboratory (EN119)

 This laboratory is equipped to supplement the course ENCE 2311 - Mechanics of Materials Laboratory. Major equipment in this laboratory includes a 120K Tinius Olsen Universal Hydraulic Testing Machine, a Tinius Olsen Torsion Tester (10000in-kip), a Scott Beam Tester, a Rockwell Hardness tester, and a Tinius Olsen Wire Tester (1000lb). Experiments conducted as part of ENCE 2311 include: Verification of the UHTM, standard tensile tests of steel and other metal specimens, torsion test of steel and other metal specimens, compression tests of concrete cylinders, direct shear test of steel bar, beam bending test, column buckling tests, metal hardness tests, and wire tensile tests.

Instructional Support Laboratories

Manufacturing Laboratory (EN103)

This laboratory is equipped to supplement the course ENME 2785 - Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacturing Methods. The equipment in this laboratory includes a CNC 3-axis vertical milling machine and a CNC turning center (lathe). A computer is dedicated to this laboratory, which is connected to each of the CNC machines. This setup enables students to design machine parts on the computer using available CAD/CAM software packages in other laboratories and then transfer the data to the computer to generate the instructions for the CNC units, which machines the parts to the programmed specifications.

Automotive Laboratory (EN104)

This laboratory is equipped to supplement the various design electives as needed. They are also used in special topics courses, primarily for the design and construction of the mini-baja vehicle, the moon buggy, and the various solar energy based competition vehicles.

Computer-Aided-Graphics Laboratory (EN406)

This laboratory is used for classroom instruction for ENME 1781 - Computer-Aided Engineering Graphics. It is well equipped with twenty-four (24) computer stations. Each station has AutoCAD installed to assist students in gaining experience in engineering graphics design. This laboratory is also available to mechanical engineering students who are taking courses in the area of computer-aided engineering.

Computational Mechanics Laboratory (EN414)

This laboratory supports the analytical/numerical and graphical activities of advanced undergraduate students and graduate students. It consists of PC-based and UNIX-based workstations with available software including: FORTRAN, MATHEMATICA, TECPLOT, CFX, PATRAN, NASTRAN, SINDA and ANSYS. This laboratory allows students to perform routine homework assignments or assist in performing various research projects.

General (Support) Facilities

Machine Shop (EN130)

The machine shop has various machines such as: a vertical milling machine, an engine lathe, a precision engine lathe, a drill press, two band saws and various other tools for manufacturing parts. Undergraduate students who are involved with student projects such as Mini-Baja have access to the shop.