Degree Requirements

Thesis or Non-Thesis Option

There are two options available for the degree of Master of Science in Engineering Management, the non-thesis option and the thesis option. All students are required to pass a comprehensive examination before a committee of graduate faculty members selected and appointed by the Dean of the College of Engineering in consultation with the graduate student and his/her faculty advisor.

Non-Thesis Option

Completion of 33 credit hours including 21 credit hours of the required core courses  plus ENMG 6095 (Engineering Management Capstone Project, 3 cr.). The remaining 9 credit hours must be selected from approved electives. 

This option requires the presentation of the student's defense, a comprehensive oral examination; it requires the submission of the Master's Examination Request Form and the Master's Examination Report Form, both of which can be obtained from the UNO Graduate School web site.

Thesis Option

Completion of 30 credit hours including 21 credit hours of the required core courses plus 6 credit hours of Thesis Research (ENMG 7000, 1-9 cr.) The remaining 3 credit hours may be selected from approved electives.


The core courses are designed to insure that the student is well grounded in engineering management and business principles.

The list of courses provided is a sample of what courses may be offered. Not all courses will be offered every semester. Please check WebStar for the up-to-date list of courses.

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Course Description Credit Hrs.
ENMG 6101 Engineering Management I
ENMG 6102 Engineering Management II
ENMG 6103
ENMG 6096
Marketing for Engineers
ENMG 6111 Quantitative Analysis of Engineering Management I
ENMG 6112 Quantitative Analysis of Engineering Management II
ENMG 6120 Engineering Project Management
ENMG 6401 Seminar in Organizational Behavior
Additional Required Courses  
ENMG 6095 Capstone Project (only for Non-thesis Option)
ENMG 7000 Thesis Research (only for Thesis Option)

Some core courses are divided into modules and are typically team taught to make available the best resource for the topic. Examples:

  • ENMG 6101 Engineering Management I
    Modules: Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Information Systems, Communications
  • ENMG 6102 Engineering Management II
    Modules: Human Resources, Legal Aspects, Total Quality, Ethics
  • ENMG 6120 Project Management
    Modules: Organization, Planning, Control


Any 4000G or 6000-level College of Engineering course is an acceptable elective. A partial list of COE courses that have management elements are listed below.

Note: Only one 4000G-level elective can be counted for credit.

Course Description
ENCE 6325 Solid Waste Management
ENCE 6327 Hazardous Waste Management
ENMG 6090 Internship in Engineering Management
ENMG 6097, 6098 Special Topics in Engineering Management
ENMG 6120
(for Thesis Option)
Engineering Project Management
ENMG 6130 Management of Technology Change
ENMG 6150 Systems Analysis, Development, and Management
NAME 4131G Reliability, Availability and Maintenance of Engineering Systems

Typical Non-Engineering Elective Courses

Non-engineering electives offered by the College of Business are also acceptable. A partial list of electives are given below.

Course Description
MANG 6467 Personnel/Managing Human Resources
MANG 6471 Total Quality Management
MANG 6476 Operations Management
 MKT 6503 Strategic Marketing Management
 QMBE 6780 Operations Research