Engineering and Applied Science (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science program is administered jointly by the College of Engineering and the College of Sciences.

The program is intended to develop the necessary research, analytical, and design skills to qualify graduates for high-level engineering and scientific positions in research, industry and government. This unique program provides the candidate with substantial depth in one branch of engineering or science as well as a broad base of interdisciplinary knowledge needed for the technological challenges of today. Engineers and scientists find that the Ph.D. degree can significantly increase their lifetime earnings.

Participating Departments

The following academic departments participating in the Ph.D. program in Engineering and Applied Science maintain cutting-edge research in a variety of topics:

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Program Examination Procedures

The centerpiece of a Ph.D. program is the doctoral research and dissertation. There are a series of examinations that the student must successfully complete during his/her career in the Ph.D. Program. The examination procedures provide both an indication that the candidate is ready to pursue this research and that the research is of appropriate quality and originality.

Program Examinations