How to Apply

Academic Requirements

  • Possess an undergraduate or a Master's degree in engineering.
  • Meet the general UNO criteria for admission to graduate school.
  • Have a GRE score (verbal and quantitative sections) of 1200 and a TOEFL score of 550 (paper) or 213 (computer).
  • Students applying must submit the scores for the Graduate Record Examination prior to being allowed to register for graduate courses in a degree program.

Admission Requirements

Completion of an approved undergraduate degree in engineering. Students entering under this requirement will take a sequence of courses that closely parallels the required courses for the Master's degree. In this case the candidate may receive both a Masters and Ph.D.

Fifty-one (51) additional hours (includes 30 hours of dissertation research - ENAS 7050) are required beyond the Master's degree. Nine of those hours will be taken in the College of Sciences, and all nine hours must be taken in the same science discipline. The science disciplines available are: physics, mathematics, geology and geophysics, and computer science.

Note: Depending on the industry related experience and the area of concentration for the dissertation, additional courses beyond the above minimum may be required.

Completion of a Master's degree that is relevant to the doctoral program.

Have a Master's degree in engineering and industry experience that is relevant to the doctoral program. A relevant degree would be in civil, electrical, mechanical, naval, or engineering management.

UNO Graduate School

All students applying for the Ph.D. program must meet the general requirements of the UNO Graduate School.